miss wyoming - douglas coupland

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Blurb: "Susan Colgate is a teen beauty-queen and low-rent soap actress. Dragooned into stardom by her demonically pushy, hillbilly mother, Susan's career is at rock-bottom. When she finds herself the sole survivor of an air-crash, she views it as her opportunity to vanish, embarking on a voyage of personal discovery. Meanwhile, John Johnson, debauched star of such Hollywood legends as Bel Air PI, also longs to vanish. After a near-death experience, where he is treated to a vision of Susan's face, he roams the badlands of the western States. Back in L.A., a chance meeting sets him on a mission to unravel the mystery of Susan Colgate."

Anyone who has read Generation X, Life After God etc, will be fully acquainted with the wonderful and witty dialogue that has come to define the author's fictional work. His take on counter-culture irony and self-discovery is usually genius. Unfortunately, I felt that Miss Wyoming falls short of the mark. Whilst it starts off on a good footing, it soon rambles and unravels midway and then into a dismal anticlimatic mess which causes the reader to shout out 'Did you get bored with this yourself Mr Coupland?!' The characteristic Coupland dialogue is only prevalent in parts and soon becomes tiresome. In my opinion, it's just not that good. Read only after you've read his other novels first and see for yourself. Disappointed. 5/10
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