Salt of the Earth natural spray deodorant

Saturday, 19 March 2011


I made the switch to natural deodorants about a year ago and I haven't looked back. There are some nasty chemicals in commerical deodorants and with more and more people becoming less inclined to readily purchase parabens etc, a whole 'green' market exists to give us the choice of what to buy.

Solid crystal deodorants have been around for centuries so I used them first when I switched and I love them. They last a long time so are very economical. For a change, I decided to try out the spray (basically a liquid version) and whilst it works well for me, I will probably go back to the solid one purely because they last longer.

The spray (£5.08 - 100ml) and the solid (£5.60 - 90g) ones I tried are from Salt of the Earth. You can buy them from Crystal Spring, as well as most highstreet health shops. Shipping from Crystal Spring is very fast and was free when I ordered. Bonus!
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