Tresemme haircare review

Saturday, 16 July 2011


I bought these Tresemme products about two months ago to try out. They were on sale at Wilkinsons for £1 each so I thought, hey, why not?

First one that I tried out was the Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo. I'm one of those people who washes their hair every other day but on that second day, my hair doesn't look too good. This product was perfect for de-frizzing and adding a bit of shine to my dry lengths, but it wasn't so good for removing oil at the roots (made it look more greasy when applied there - not good!), so I mainly just use it for the lengths. I have just past shoulder length hair and needed one pump of foam. The scent is OK, a typical chemical 'hair product' sort of scent. I'm not sure if I would buy this for full price, I'll use this up first and then see how I feel.

Next up, I tried the 24 hour Body Volume Shampoo with silk protein and collagen (black bottle). I wasn't expecting much from this product because volumising stuff doesn't tend to work for me, (my hair wants to stay flat!) but I'd ran out of shampoo at the time and decided to give it a go. I found this shampoo very heavy (you have to squeeze out the excess before washing) and a bit difficult to wash out. Didn't do anything for my hair either so I'm passing this on to my sister who seems to love Tresemme.

Lastly, I tried the Salon Silk Smooth Conditioner with vitamin H and Almond (white bottle). This is one of their deep everyday conditioners that you leave on for three minutes and then wash out. It was great for the first month that I used it, it made my hair extremely soft and silky, though still a bit frizzy. During the second month, my hair suddenly began to hate it and became dry as straw after it had dried. I'm not sure why this happened but I stopped using it and will be using up the rest of the bottle as a shaving cream instead of binning it.

So I didn't have a great experience with Tresemme, they seem to be very much a marmite sort of brand. I also think a lot of people may buy their products due to their huge size bottles (the ones I bought were 900ml), which are great value if they work for you, but a big waste if they don't.
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