GAP slammed for 'anorexic' mannequins

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


GAP have today been slammed by fashion bloggers for using anorexic looking mannequins to model their new 'Always Skinny' range of tight fitting jeans. When I saw the above photo, taken by Alice Taylor in one of GAP's London stores, I thought it was something from their children's range. And even if it was from their kids range, it's still unbelievably skinny! Honestly, who has legs like that?! I haven't bought anything from GAP in years, mainly because I find their clothes overpriced for the quality and partly because they still have a poor sweatshop record. Seeing this makes me realise why I won't be shopping at GAP for yet another reason. I don't want to buy into something that promotes these ridiculous ideals of how women should look.

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  1. No way!!! This is just properly S(T)ICK!

  2. Is it even possible to have legs that skinny?! Ridiculous!x

  3. that is crazy, there is no way my legs and thighs are that skinny...

  4. I think it's really disgusting - it sends out the wrong impression and probably makes some girls very uncomfortable with themselves! No normal girl/woman is going to feel good about themselves in those jeans after seeing them on that mannequin.


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