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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

When a new beauty box comes out, I usually check out some blog reviews, and I like to have a nosey at what other people are saying about it on Twitter.  Whilst I continue to be subscribed to two beauty boxes myself (Amarya and Joliebox), I find that most boxes these days seem to blurring into one.  They often have a habit of rotating the same handful of brands, are increasingly lacking in variety or imagination (do I really need to have 3 face moisturiser samples in one box?!?!) and some are guilty of having appalling customer service (I'm sure I don't need to name any names here!).  

However, there are beauty boxes who do things differently.  A new one called BeTrousse UK has recently been launched over here, and is the first beauty box to contain all full sized products.  Yes, you heard me correctly, this box has ALL FULL SIZED PRODUCTS!

Like Latest In Beauty, you can view the contents of a particular 'kit' from BeTrousse UK before you buy and there are no monthly subscriptions; you only buy the kits/boxes that you want, when you want them.  The company is French so their boxes offer UK customers a whole range of exciting new French brands and products to try out, as well as some new British brands.

The kits/boxes are all themed, and I was kindly sent their Organic and Natural Beauty Kit* to try out.     

The box is enormous and feels so heavy due to five full sized products being in it!  It looks like a regular shoebox and the contents are wrapped in pink tissue paper with a mountain of packing peanuts to protect everything.

Like all beauty boxes, you receive a stylish menu card giving you an overview of the products included and how much they retail for.  On the reverse is a more in depth welcome and run through of what the products are.

(1) Evelyn Fro Her Aloe and Honey Mist, 200ml, RRP £10.99 - "A light non-build up hydrating mist, made from aloe vera juice.  Rapidly penetrates the hair shaft providing instant moisture, improving elasticity thereby reducing breakage.  Leaves hair naturally silky soft and shiny.  Ideal in dry, hot environments as it restores and prevents any loss of moisture."

This leave-in conditioning spray is designed for those with afro or dry hair and is made by the British company, Evelyn Products (great name of course!).  It smells incredible (a bit like a delicious fruity cocktail, yum!) and is over 96% natural.  I have very dry hair at the moment so this sounds like it will be perfect for me to try out, especially when the weather starts to warm up as my hair can get frazzled by the sun. 

(2) Forest People Luminous Serum for Lips and Eye Contour, 14ml, RRP £31 - "Luminous Serum has been specifically formulated with precious oils to reshape and brighten the eye area and lips.  Rich in Omega 3, this elixir firms and tones the skin tissue.  Hemp oil reactivates microcirculation and reduces puffiness and dark circles.  With Rosehip oil, Luminous Serum is a real barrier against fine lines as well as a powerful antioxidant that revitalizes and evens skin tone."

With so many claims, I can't wait to use this and put them all to the test.  I have been battling fine undereye lines and dark circles since hitting my twenties, so I'm happy to give anything like this a go!  The serum is 100% organic and also contains fair trade natural ingredients. 

(3) Lothantique Bath Salt, 600g, £10 - "Bathing in bath salts is incredibly beneficial for your skin, your mood and your lifestyle.  Relax, take it easy!"

In the Organic and Natural Beauty Kit you'll either receive these bath salts or a shower gel by Lothantique.  Packaged in a huge glass bottle, this looks like the sort of product you'd come across in a quaint French beauty shop.  The first thing I noticed about this, (other than the sheer weight and size) is that these bath salts are very strongly perfumed and because I find that bath salts generally irritate my sensitive skin, I'm not sure if I'll be able to use these.  I may give them a go in a foot bath and see what they're like though.

(4) Reve De Provence Olive Oil and Lavender Organic Bar Soap, 150g, RRP £4.99 - "The Organic Bar Soap is a creamy soap for your bath or shower.  The fragrance is made from only organic pure and natural essential oils.   It's formulated without parabens, sodium silicone, PEG, phtalate, artificial colouring and EDTA."

I love Lavender and luxe feeling soaps so this is just a lovely simple product for me to receive in a box like this.  There's also the chance that you'll receive an Argan Oil soap which sounds equally as good.

(5) K Pour Karite Hair Mascara in Dark Brown, 15g, RRP £12.95 - "Certified organic by Ecocert. Soft formula with mineral pigments that respects the hair fiber.  The first white/grey hairs are hidden and roots are no longer a problem during those in-between colouring times."

I don't have any grey hairs just yet, but this sounds like a handy product to have in your handbag if you do and want to cover them or if you colour and want to cover up your roots.  I'll definitely be passing this onto my mum to see how it works on her hair.

Summary: BeTrousse are slightly more expensive than your average beauty box (this Organic and Natural Kit costs £17 & about a fiver for postage), but for the extra ££s you do receive ALL full size products and you get to see what you're going to receive in the box before you decide to buy it.

There is still the risk of getting a product you won't use/like so much, for example I would have preferred the shower gel over the bath salts, but if you're fairly open minded and are just looking to try out high quality new products, then BeTrousse are certainly worth looking into.  Plus, the products look and feel luxe so if you did receive something you didn't like, you could easily gift them to a friend or relative - not something you'd always want to do if you had a received a tiny sample sachet instead!

Another selling point for me is that I haven't heard of any of the brands in the box before and I love trying out new things, especially anything French!  Also for you bargain hunters out there, the overall value of this box is a whopping £72!

BeTrousse UK beauty kits are available to buy direct from their website here.  There are currently three different kits to choose from; The Must Haves Kit (worth £131), The Organic and Natural Beauty Kit (worth £72) and The Spring Beauty Kit (worth £78).  BeTrousse also keeps you up to date with the latest beauty news and customers have the chance to sign up for free products testing.

Do the new BeTrousse UK kits interest you?  Would you prefer a beauty box to have all full sized products?  Do you prefer a surprise in what you receive or do you like to see the contents first?

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*PR sample
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  1. I'd be over the moon if I got this as a beauty box! I like that it's not a subscription service, I'm checking out their website right away :) xx

    1. Me too, makes budgeting a lot easier! xx

  2. I've not caved yet! But looks a great box x

    1. Hehe I did think of you when I first saw this being mentioned! x

  3. For what you get it's an amazing deal! xo

  4. hello honey :)

    I have internationally giveaway on my blog, come and join! :)

  5. What a really lovely box!! I'm interested in The mascara and the mist, especially. Xx

    1. The hair mascara works really well on my mum's greys, got her to try it out this morning and it was very easy to do. Can't wait to try out the hair mist, smells gorgeous! xx

  6. I hadnt even heard of this box untill yesterday. I love the fact you can see the contents before placing an order.

    1. Me too, sometimes I like a surprise, but other times if I'm budgeting I'd prefer to see what I'm going to get x

  7. Oh wow this beauty box looks amazing! Too bad it probably isn't available in Australia :(

    Lovely blog, would you like to follow each other? :)

    1. I don't think it is sorry, as far as I know you can only get it in France and the UK. Might be something similar in Oz though?

      Will check it out :)

  8. I can't believe I haven't heard of this company before, the products look amazing and I can't believe they're full size! Great review, will definitely take a peek at their website :) x

    1. Let me know what you think if you try them out, there seem to be a lot of people getting this box and the Must Haves one :) x


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