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Saturday, 4 August 2012

(1) The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
This has been one of the most hyped blockbuster movies of the year, and whilst I enjoyed most of it, I loved The Dark Knight a lot more.  Bane is a cool villian in this, but compared to The Joker, he just doesn't cut the mustard.  On a side note, how incredible did Anne Hathaway look as Catwoman?  I want her personal trainer!

(2) Revolutionary Road (2008)
Set in the 1950s and based on the novel by Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road is an emotional story of love and society expectations turned sour.  The young Wheelers move to the suburbs and realise that there's so much more to life outside of it.  Definitely going to pick up the book soon.

(3) Underworld: Awakening (2012)
I've been a big fan of the Underworld films, but this newest one was so short (88 minutes long) that it only felt like you'd watched half a movie.  What's the point of that?!

(4) Chronicle (2012)
Sci-fi following three high school friends who all get telekinetic abilities at the same time after coming into contact with a mysterious object.  It was OK, but there are a lot of similar stories out there already.

(5) Iron Sky (2012)
Hilarious sci-fi/political satire which sees Nazis returning from the dark side of the moon to the US and teaming up with a parodied Sarah Palin.  Has to be seen to be believed!

(6) Pom Poko (1994)
Courageous racoons fight to protect their homes from destruction by the growing population of humans, in this environmental Studio Ghibli animated film.  

(7) Spirited Away (2001)
The Oscara award-winning Studio Ghibli animation which follows a young girl who strays away from her parents and ends up in a bath house for spirits.  Very imaginative and strange, but wonderful for it. 

(8) Sunshine Cleaning (2008)
Two struggling sisters decide to team up and start their own business cleaning up crime scenes.  Quite heartwarming.

(9) Howl's Moving Castle (2004)
Another Studio Ghibli animation!  Can you tell I'm working my way through them?  This is one of my favourites so far, I loved it.

(10) JCVD (2008)
One of my friends is a HUGE Jean Claude Van Damme fan, so I ended up watching this with her.  JCVD is semi-autobiographical/semi-fictional film showing Jean Claude in the midst of a breakdown in his life.  He ends up being held hostage in a Brussels Post Office and does an emotional monologue in it.

What was the last film that you watched? 

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  1. haha, we saw Iron Sky too... pretty surreal! ;P
    Howl's IS my fave from the studio ghibli... xx

    1. Haha! I love Howl's, happy to hear it's your fav too! xx

  2. Spirited away is one of my favourite films! I love it!


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