GUEST POST: Hayley's Top 5 Winter Nail Polishes

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hello everyone, it's Hayley from Water Painted Dreams here.  Evelyn has kindly let me write this post for her blog because she's ran away (well kind of... for a while but she'll be back soon so no fear!).  I run a little blog about make up, life and food called Water Painted Dreams that you can find by clicking here. And now onto the post!

I'm going to talk about my five favourite nail polishes for winter.  I'm definitely more of a winter girl when it comes to make up and clothes, all those bright colours and pastels just scare me.  I'm quite pale so I also really like the contrast between darker colours and my skin.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Decadence / No7 Stay Perfect in Totally Teal / 17 Fast Finish in Knock Out Red / Barry M in Dusky Mauve / OPI in Siberian Nights

Decadence is a lovely dark pinky-purple that contains lots of pink and lilac iridescent shimmer.  Avon nail polishes are of really great quality, I can get about 5 days out of the polish before it chips and they're always on some sort of offer.

Totally Teal is a gorgeous teal colour that is unfortunately not shown too true to colour in the swatch below.  In real life it's a lot more green. It's one of the brighter winter colours I own, perfect for when the winter blues are getting to me.  No7 nail polishes are pretty good value when paired with their vouchers.

Knock Out Red is really just what it says on the tin: a bright, bold red.  It just wouldn't be Christmas without a red nail polish.  The quality of this isn't too great but I'm willing to ignore that for such a nice colour!  I'm looking for a nice red glitter polish to use as a top coat with this, does anyone have any suggestions?

Dusky Mauve is a lovely mauve that has pink shimmer through out it, it looks great when it catches in the sunlight(not that we get much of it).  I'm not a massive fan of Barry M nail polishes, I find that they take forever to dry so I don't wear this as much as I'd like to.

Siberian Nights is a very dark purple, almost verging on black.  It's the perfect winter colour but as it's so dark it requires a coat or two of base coat otherwise it stains your nails reaaaaally badly.  OPI polishes are fantastic quality but I'd never pay full price for one.  My mum has a Sally's card and got me this on a VAT free day so it only cost me £4.96, hello bargain!

Well that's all from little, old me!  If you'd like to hear some more from me then you can check out my blog here.  I'd also just like to say a massive thank you to Evelyn for letting me post on her blog and I hope you guys all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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