GUEST POST: Laura's Christmas Nail Art Designs

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hello everyone!
I'm Laura, from Laura's All made Up.
If any of you do already read my blog, you will know that I'm obsessed with nail varnishes and all things nails! With Christmas less than a month away, what better way for me to join in the festivities than by doing a few Christmas/Winter themed nail designs?
Santa Claus
1. Paint your nail with a white base coat all over.
2. Take a red nail varnish and do a vertical stripe on either side of the nail.
3. Use a black nail art pen/dotting tool to create the belt and buttons as shown.
4. Use a gold shimmer to draw a square around the middle of the belt for the buckle.

1. Paint your nail all over with a black base coat.
2. Brush a white dome shape at the bottom of the nail
3. Use a dotting tool use a white paint to create circles for the eye's.
4. Use a nail art pen or thin brush with yellow to create the feet and beak.
5. Take a black nail art pen/dotting tool to add smaller circles in the eyes for the finishing touch.

1. Paint the nail all over with a white base coat.
2. Draw a thick line at the top of the nail with a blue colour to give the snowman a hat.
3. You can line the hat with a silver pen to give it a frosted look.
4. Draw a sideways triangular shape in the middle of the nail for the carrot nose.
5. Use a black nail pen or dotting tool to draw on the eyes and the mouth.

    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
1. Cover the whole nail with a white base coat.
2. With a medium brown shade draw two circular shapes, the top one smaller than the bottom.
3. Use a red glitter polish and create a dome shape in the middle bottom of the nail for the nose.
4. Use a white nail pen or dotting tool to draw the eyes.
5. With a black nail pen or thin brush outline the Reindeer's face, nose and add the middle of the eyes.
Christmas Tree
1. Paint the whole nail in a green colour of your choice.
2. Use a nail pen or thin brush to criss-cross lines across the nail for the tinsel.
3. Add multi-coloured nail gems all over the nail to give the appearance of fairy lights.

Here's what I used to create these designs if you're interested:

Barry M; Retro Red, Red Glitter, Lemon Ice Cream, Teal, Matt White, Mushroom, Beauty UK Black

Black Nail Pen, L.A Colors Art Deco Silver Pen, Technic Gold Pen, Green & Orange Pen,Dotting Tool, Nail Gems.

I hope you liked these cute little nail designs, I know they aren't the best but its just a bit of fun! I certainly enjoyed doing them and I hope you will too :) I'd love it if you could come say hi and check out some of my other nail designs over on my blog - Laura's All made Up
Thank you to Evelyn for giving me the opportunity to guest post!
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  1. Wow these nails are amazing! Blates going to try as many of these as I can in the run up to Christmas :-) xx


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