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Thursday, 16 May 2013

 beauteco Box* (£10 + P&P, link)

If you like the idea of beauty boxes, but get turned off by the 'random surprise' element each month, then this brand new box called beauteco will be right up your street.  Each month you can view the contents of three different box options and then simply choose which one you want to be sent.  More so, there's no minimum subscription, so you can cancel anytime or just order boxes as and when you want them.

I was kindly sent a box to review, and loved that it came in with minimal packaging (all of which is 100% recyclable).  Everything is packaged into a sturdy cardboard box and cushioned with paper, representing the 'eco' name which is attributed to the box.  There was a cute little card on top welcoming me to the box, which also doubles up as a menu detailing the contents and some exclusive discount codes for the brands included.

As I mentioned before, each month there are three different box options to choose from.  The options at the moment are quite similar (in that you'll currently receive some of the same products in each option), but I imagine as the box attracts more brands to work with, then the differences may become more varied.  Each box contains 5 products regardless of which option you choose.

I went for Box 3 which contains the following products:-

Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub (full size 200ml, RRP £3.49)
I've never tried anything from Anatomicals before, but I've seen their bright, eye catching packaging around on many blogs.  This body scrub has SLS in it, but I'll give it a go as it smells very fruity!

Anatomicals Help The Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream (full size 100ml, RRP £3)
I'm addicted to hand creams so I'm always pleased to have a new one to try out, and like the body scrub, this smells good.

Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser (5ml sample, full size 60ml for £120)
This is one high-end moisturiser!  I'm almost too scared to give it to my mum in case she falls in love with it!

Mitchell & Peach English Growers Body Cream (50ml travel size, full size 180ml for £36)
I've tried the body wash in the same flavour as this a while ago and I wasn't too taken with it.  I will try it out though as I'm interested to see what the formula is like and I'm happy that it's a natural and organic product.

Melvita Rose Cleansing Oil (35ml travel size, full size 200ml for £15)
This is the one I'm most excited about because I just love anything to do with rose and cleansing oils in general.  Also doubles up as a make-up remover which makes it perfect for the old weekend travel bag.

I really like the concept of seeing what's going to be in the box and getting to choose which one you'd like.  I also like how all the products in this one have been really good sizes (two full size products and no sachets, yay!) and that there are no perfume samples.  I'm hoping that beauteco attracts more brands, and perhaps develops more on it's eco namesake by including more natural and organic products (creating a box option just for those would definitely appeal to me!).  



beauteco is very kindly giving 5 readers of We Were Raised By Wolves the chance to win a beauteco boxAll you have to do to enter is sign up to beauteco's newsletter here.  Once you've done this, please comment below saying so, and let me know how you follow We Were Raised By Wolves.
1. You must sign up to the beauteco newsletter to enter.
2. Giveaway ends on 21st May 2013.
3. Open to UK readers only.
 4.  Prizes subject to availability and must be claimed within 5 days of notification. The editor’s decision is final.

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  1. I have done. I follow via GFC - Kate Musgrove.

    I wanted to try this box and entered the competitions before it was officially released it looks great. Fingers crossed i get lucky this time because i wasn't one of the winners.

    Kate - Sparkle Dust xx

    1. I'm now following via bloglovin' too. KateM x

  2. Done! Email
    I follow with GFC, Bloglovin and Twitter :) all beautyinjapan

    I would love to try one of these boxes! I was a bit gutted I wasnt lucky enough to be chosen to review but fingers crossed! :)


  3. Signed up to the newsletter :) Following via GFC (Heather) and Bloglovin' (Heather Nixon)

  4. I have signed up to the newsletter too :D

    I follow by GFC & Bloglovin!

    Kate x (

  5. I'd signed up to the newsletter, this box looks great, I'd love to try it out! :)
    I follow via GFC as hannah.:)

    Thanks hun! xxx

  6. Signed up :) I follow by GFC and Bloglovin too!

    My email is

  7. Signed up :) I used to get the Amarya beauty box and loved it! Follow via GFC, love your blog!

  8. Hi Evelyn, I'm all signed up :) I follow you through Bloglovin & I love your blog - you always review the products I'm curious about! Thanks for bringing this box to my attention, it looks really good!

    Bee x

  9. i've signed up and follow via gfc as natasha :)
    i've seen a few posts about these boxes and they look really good x

  10. The Melvita Cleansing Oil is the product I would be most excited about too. Bet it smells lovely!

    I signed up for the newsletter and follow you on GFC, Twitter & Bloglovin'

  11. Ooo another beauty box! I love the packaging!

    Have signed up for the newsletter. Follow you on GFC, bloglovin' and twitter :) x

  12. Hi, ive followed via GFC ( Mia Fergusson ) and have signed up for the newsletter , thankyou.

  13. my email address is aswell. Thankyou.

  14. I've signed up for the newsletter and I follow you on bloglovin'

  15. I've signed up! :) And I follow you via GFC (as kel loves) and on twitter @kellovesclothes x

  16. I follow on Bloglovin' as Bree123 and have signed up for the newsletter.
    Bree :)

  17. Hello! Yes I've signed up for the newsletter and I follow you by GFC, thanks!

  18. yep all done thank you for a waonderful prize :) @charlotteanne39

  19. Amazing giveaway!
    I follow via GFC and Twitter and I've joined the newsletter x

  20. I can't miss the opportunity of trying and reviewing a whole range of natural products that I didn't know before..very exciting!
    Good luck all and thank you Evelyn and Beauteco :)

    Ila x

  21. I love Beautecobox's concept, especially that they try to minimise packaging. I'd love to win one of their boxes, box 2 particularly appealed to me but I love te look of the one you got.
    I've subscribed to their mailing list and I follow you via gfc under Angelica P xx

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  23. Subscribed and following with Bloglovin as Diana Cotter
    givinganswers [at] googlemail [dot] com

  24. I follow you on BlogLovin and have subscribed to Beauteco's mailing list [alexandrarobertson AT gmail DOT com]... I really like the look of the Beauteco Boxes, I'd love to try one myself - if nothing else, I love the quirky Anatomicals brand :)

  25. Signed up to their newsletter - and I follow u via GFC (Jenny)

  26. Subscribed and following via GFC (Lauren S) and Twitter @Laurenn_S

  27. I've heard about this box but funds don't allow!

    Have signed up for newsletter and I follow by Bloglovin x

  28. I really like the idea of this because like you mentioned, I hate being disappointed with a box! I follow you via GFC Courtzz and have signed up :) xx

  29. I have signed up to the newsletter via email :

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    Thankss alot

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  35. Signed up so fingers crossed! i follow through Bloglovin :)

  36. Looks like a great box, it's nice that you can actually get to decide which box you like better :)
    Signed up for the news teller:
    And following via GFC :)

  37. Hey there, all signed up & following via twitter (eyeslikepandas) & bloglovin :)


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