Skincare Review: b.liv by Cellnique

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I've been trying out some products from a Singapore brand called Cellnique, in addition to my usual skincare routine.  They have a whole line named b.liv which caters for most skin types and related problems, so I decided to put a few through their paces.  Here are my overall thoughts after a couple of weeks of usage.

 Glow And Shine Skin Smoothening Mask* (50ml, £15.22, link)
Glow And Shine is an exfoliating face mask which aims to brighten the complexion and reduce the size of pores.  I've been using it once a week after cleansing, and apply a relatively thick layer onto my face which I then leave on for around 10 minutes.  When it comes to washing it off, I gently massage the mask into my skin which gets those scrubby bits working and doing their thing.  The exfoliating pieces are tough enough to be effective, and while I don't think they're overally harsh, those with sensitive skin may find it a bit too much.  I like this mask because it gives a good deep scrub and noticeably brightens dull, tired skin at the same time so it's a brilliant two-in-one product to have in your bathroom.

Off With Their Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel* (15ml, £20.47, link)
If you've ever had blackheads, you've probably tried and been incredibly annoyed by disappointing nose pore strips (I know I have!), so I was intrigued to try out a dedicated blackhead gel which promises to clear them up within 14 days.  I applied a pea sized amount to mainly my t-zone area, day and night for a fortnight, and found that this gel does work somewhat at removing blackheads, especially on the nose.  It didn't completely clear all of them within the 14 days time frame, but I think with continued use, most of them will disappear.  I'll post a further update in a future empties post.

I was also sent two sheet masks to try out; Bright Is Right* for dehydrated and dull skin, and Kick Spots Out* for blemish prone skin.  Unfortunately, neither of these were usable because both sheet masks were saturated so much in their solutions that they tore into pieces when I took them out of the sachets.  I'm not sure if this was a manufacturing problem/bad batch, or whether they're like this normally, but I sadly couldn't use either one.

If you decide to pick these up and find that you have the same problem, Cellnique have a 30 day assurance policy on all of their products so that you can get a full cash refund or exchange.

Lastly, they included two samples of their Got Me Covered Sunblock + Foundation* which I was really impressed with.  This dual product offers a non-comedogenic formula (basically means it won't clog your pores) combined with SPF 35 and a light coverage foundation.  The coverage is similar to a BB Cream so it's great for those days when you don't want to wear much make-up, or you're simply having a good skin day and don't need any extra coverage.  The main bug bear is that it only comes in one shade, but it does seem to adapt to your skintone after some blending in.  It's non-greasy too which is a definite added bonus!

  Cellnique offer free shipping, free samples and their 30 day money back guarantee.  Their products are sent from their headquarters in Malaysia and mine arrived within 10 working days.  Orders don't include customs fees, duties or taxes so you'll need to bear this in mind if they're applicable to your country.  For the purposes of this review, I've converted Singapore Dollars into British Pounds to give you a rough idea of the costs. 

Have you tried anything from Cellnique?

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  1. i've tried a sample of the off with their heads sebum gel and it really worked for me, it didn't completely get rid of all my blackheads but it made a definite difference! if i order the full size i may have to order something else as well, the got me covered sunblock + foundation sound good :)

    1. I really like it, have definitely seen an improvement too! The Got Me Covered Sunblock is fab :) xx

  2. what a shame about the sheet masks - they would be something I'm keen to try. x

  3. Hello Evelyn,
    I never heard of this brand but your review sounds quiet positive, apart for the masks..i will definitely look more into this brand, thank you :)

    Ila x

    1. I really liked the other products, a shame the masks were like that though! Let me know if you try anything :) x

  4. I have been sent some products from b-liv to try. i am really impressed so far. X

    1. Gonna look out for your review on those :) x


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