Tried & Tested: Milk Shake Active Yogurt Hair Mask

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Milk Shake Active Yogurt Mask* (200ml, £13.69, link)

I'm a total hair mask junkie and have amassed quite a collection of them in my bathroom.  Some are for very dry hair, others are for repairing damaged hair, a few are for balancing, and one or two are super intensive miracle workers for when I absolutely need a really good hair day!  Oddly enough, my hair is going through a 'normal' phase at the moment, so I've been trying out a hair mask formulated for those lucky enough to be blessed with unproblematic locks.  

 Step in Milk Shake Active Yogurt Mask, a rich conditioning hair treatment which works for both natural and coloured hair.  It's formulated with yogurt amino acids, rice and avocado oils, hydrating agents, Vitamin E and Milk Shake's very own 'Integrity 41' solution, which all help to nourish the hair as a weekly maintenance treat.  The scent of this is a bit like coconut flavoured Muller yogurt, and you just slather it onto your lengths and ends after shampooing (make sure to squeeze out any excess water before you do though! Check out my Hair Mask Tips).  It gets to work in just 3-5 minutes, rinse and then you're done.

Results?  I was left with softer feeling, shinier looking hair, but I did notice a lot more frizz and flyaways than usual, so it might be best to use it in conjunction with a hair oil or serum afterwards.  For that reason alone, this is a hair mask that I like, but don't ultimately love.  

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Have you tried any haircare from Milk Shake?

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  1. Shame about the flyaways because up until that point it sounded lovely!! x

    1. Yeah it was a little disappointing! x

  2. I've been wanting to try this hair mask too. not surprised with the frizz results though, it happens frequently to me when I use a mask... yeah, the oil should do the trick! x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

    1. It's a nice mask, but definitely give it a go with a little oil or serum afterwards to tame any frizz :) x


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