Guest Post: 4 D.I.Y Natural Face Masks for All Skin Types

Friday, 5 July 2013

Have you ever stared at the ingredients list of a facial mask packet or bottle and thought, I can’t pronounce half of this – let alone have any idea what it is?!  If there is one skincare item that I cannot go without and is guaranteed to perform a miniature miracle, it’s a face mask.  Face masks can be a fantastic one step top up for a special occasion or, if you’re super diligent, part of your long term skin care regime.  So here are my natural face mask recipes for the four major skin types.  They’re super quick, inexpensive, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be putting on your skin and you’ll be able to pronounce all the ingredients!

 Some facial masks come already mixed and some need mixing (and generally the pre-prepared ones tend to be more expensive).  There are two main categories in which the face masks fall into; setting masks, which includes the clay masks, peel off masks, thermal masks and biological masks, and the non-setting masks; these include masks like paraffin wax or warm oil masks.

The choice of mask depends on the skin type and knowledge of how the ingredients affect the skin.  Clay masks can be classed as natural, because the clays are found in the earth.  Benefits of clay masks are that they have natural drawing out impurity and deep cleansing properties, while some improve circulation and others stimulate the skin.  Remember: powdered masks need to be mixed with an active ingredient for them to work.

For Oily & Problem Skin
Ingredients: 1 part Kaolin, 1 part Fullers Earth mixed with water and a few drops of Witch Hazel
Use: for 8-10 minutes.
Why it's good to try: Kaolin is also known as white china clay, it has a drawing effect on the skin and it brings any skin blockages up to a head, making it ideal for oily and congested skin.  Witch hazel is ideal for aggravated skin and it is good to use on acne and oily skins.

For Dry & Mature Skin
Ingredients: 1 part Kaolin, 1 part Magnesium.  Mix with Rose Water or Orange Flower Water.  
Use: for 10 minutes.
Why it's good to try: Magnesium is a mild astringent.  It helps tone and refine the skin, while tightening pores.  Orange flower water gives a stimulating and tonic effect, and Rose Water is ultra hydrating for thirsty skin.

For Normal to Combination Skin
Ingredients: Fullers Earth mixed with a few drops of Witch Hazel. 
Use: for 5 minutes.
Why it's good to try: Fullers Earth is absorbent and has profound deep cleansing and stimulating circulation properties.

For Sensitive Skin
Ingredients: 1 part Calamine, 1 part Magnesium, mixed with Rose Water.  
Use: for 5 minutes.
Why it's good to try: Calamine is a mild astringent and its soothing actions help to reduce the redness usually found in sensitive skin types.  Rose water is a mild toner and it can be used on dry skin also.
Which natural face mask will you try first?

Guest post by Eco Market - the 'Etsy' for Organic and Natural Beauty products!

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  1. Fab post Evelyn, I love home made face masks and the Dry & Mature one sounds perfect for me. I can also recommend mashing up a ripe avocado and adding a few drops of orange flower water before plastering it on and relaxing for 10 minutes. It's a great summer mask as the rich oils in the avocado help to put back what the sun takes out.

    1. Thanks for sharing Annie, I need to give that a go! I've done hydrating Avocado and Honey DIY masks plenty of times in the past, but have never though it try it with orange flower water - sounds good!

  2. Love this guest post! Making your own masks is so fun. I always make masks with rhassoul clay to really draw out impurities.

    Gem x

  3. Love this post, great and idea and super cute photo :) Will definitely try the sensitive skin one !

    Ila x

  4. These are such great masks. I love being able to pamper my skin with natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals.

  5. I've never tried making my own mask but it sounds like quite a bit of fun! I really need to brush up on my skin care ingredients knowledge though :p

    1. It is quite fun :) Google recipes or just check out Caroline Hirons!


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