Review: Essential Care Organic Mineral Eye Liner Pencil in Brown

Saturday, 27 July 2013

 Essential Care Organic Mineral Eye Liner Pencil in Brown (£12.50)

Fans of make-up artist extraordinaire, Charlotte Tilbury, will know that she's quite the advocate of the brown smokey eye look and considers a brown eye liner pencil an absolute make-up bag staple.  For years, I convinced myself (like many) that only black eyeliner will do, but as the sun continues to shine, I'm taking a leaf out of Charlotte's book and embracing a more earthy, subtle look.

My recent weapon of choice has been Essential Care's Organic Mineral Eye Liner Pencil in Brown which came into my possession via The CEW UK 2013 Discovery Box.  I have raved about many Essential Care products in the past (their Coconut Candy Scrub, their skincare, their lipsticks etc!), so obviously I couldn't wait to try out one of their eye liners. 

I like the packaging of this because the dark green is an apt match for a 100% natural, 64% organic, mineral eye liner (and for a brand who have strong commitments to being environmentally responsible, as well as being listed as an Ethical Company by the Good Shopping Guide).  That luxury feeling, gold tipped lid justs adds the icing to the cake.

This eye liner pencil is the perfect shade of brown for me; it's earthy and warm, yet looks effortlessly subtle on.  I think it's an absolute winner if you have dark chocolate brown eyes like I do because it enhances them beautifully and looks so natural.  Application is smooth (probably thanks to the fairtrade shea butter included in the formula), yet firm (which is ideal for not melting all over the place in this hot weather), and I like the good pigmentation payoff.  It's very easy to use as well, either as a stand-alone eyeliner or by smudging it out for a sexy smokey eye for a summer evening.  

Staying power wise, I found it great to use over a primer like UDPP, but it does have a tendency to transfer after a couple of hours if you go without using one, especially if you have oily eyelids.  It's also near impossible to use in the waterline as it disappears instantly (or at least did on me), so pick a waterproof alternative for that area.  Don't be put off by that though - I still rate it, and for a natural / organic product, it's pretty damn good.   

Do you like the smokey brown eyeliner look? 

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  1. I use brown eyeliner almost daily! This one sounds like a great organic alternative :)


    1. One of the best natural ones I've tried :)

  2. I love brown liners, so nice for everyday wear! Shame about the lasting power though x

    1. The staying power isn't too bad if you use it over a primer, but it could be a lot better x


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