New Spring Pampering: Naked and Arran Aromatics

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Here are some new products that I've been having a play with recently when I've been in the mood for a good old pamper.

The New Body Butter
Naked 24 Hour Coco De Mer Body Butter* (300ml, £5.45, link)
If you haven't smelt Naked's Coco De Mer fragrance, then I strongly urge you to visit a Boots right now and have a sniff!  I've loved the Body Wash for a very long time, so I was eager to try the matching Body Butter and it didn't disappoint.  The formula is thick and luxuriously buttery (on a par with The Body Shop most definitely), but doesn't feel greasy and is super hydrating.  The scent is just divine; think of a sultry, tropical, musky fragrance, and that should give you a rough idea.  Love it!

The New Body Scrub
Arran Aromatics Seaweed and Mineral Salt Scrub* (400g, £12.75, link)
I'm going to be honest, I haven't gotten on with the skincare I've tried from Arran Aromatics, but their bodycare range is much more my thing and well worth looking into if you enjoy pampering treats.  Their Seaweed and Mineral Salt Scrub has an uplifting and fresh scent that reminds me of being on a beach, and the scrub itself is just fantastic.  It gives you a good, all over exfoliation without being too rough, and afterwards your skin is left silky soft.

The New Body Wash
Naked Love Me Rose Body Wash* (250ml, £3.99, link)
I love rose scents and have been rationing out my beloved REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash for a while now, saving it for special evenings out.  Like the REN one, this has a sweet floral fragrance with a delicious hint of turkish delight so it feels more modern and isn't powdery or old fashioned in the slightest.  I'd say that  Naked's offering is a great budget friendly alternative as the overall scent is very similar (though not quite a dupe), and it's a steal at just £3.99.  

What products have you been pampering yourself with recently?

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  1. I love both of these Naked products - they smell amazing and work so well, especially for the price!!
    The Arran Aromatics scrub sounds lovely, I may have to order one for myself...
    Lovely post :)

    Jess xo

  2. The Arran body scrub looks super nice! is this line natural or not?

    1. Sadly not - they use lots of essential oils and natural derived ingredients but their products also contain parabens etc x

  3. The Body Butter sounds ideal to help my legs get summer ready. They seem to be so dry this year. I love the texture of body butters

    1. Definitely, it's great to use after shaving/waxing! x

  4. I need to get my hands on the naked body butter! I'm such a body butter addict. M xxx

  5. Wow, these look so gorgeous - I was expecting them to be a lot more expensive! :P

    The Oxford Owl

    1. I know, they're such good quality for the prices! x

  6. The AA scrubs sounds heavenly, from the handful of their skincare products featured in beauty boxes I've enjoyed the brand so far! Lucy at Lucyy Writes xx


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