Summer Essential: Yon-Ka Solar Care SPF 25 Sunscreen for Face & Body review

Monday, 9 June 2014

Sunscreen is the summer time essential so if you're looking to replace last year's (probably expired) bottle, and are feeling a little spendy, look no further than this offering from Yon-Ka.

When buying sunscreen, I find the biggest challenge is to find a product that I can use on my face.  This mainly because of two key annoyances; 1) sunscreens often break me out or irritate my sensitive/combination skin, and 2) a lot of sunscreens are really thick which is too much for my already oily-prone skin to handle.

Thankfully Yon-Ka SPF 25 Sunscreen for Face & Body passes both of these tests with flying colours (A+ all round!).  Packed full of Fruit and Plant Extracts, this UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Sunscreen feels light and is easily absorbed into the skin without any greasiness or residue feeling afterwards.  Although it looks white when you first squeeze it out, once it's rubbed in, you're not left with a Casper white finish and it smells really good too (subtly fresh and a little herbal).  Well worth checking out if you're in the market for a new sunscreen that won't leave your face looking greasy, can be used on the body as well, and has added skincare benefits.

 Yon-Ka SPF 25 Sunscreen for Face & Body* (50ml, £34) is available direct from

 Have you picked up a new sunscreen recently?
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  1. sounds good, I have dry skin but still have the same issues as you. Natural suncreams can be too heavy and chemical based ones can cause irritations, I can't win either way so always on look out for something different to try :-)

    1. I've had so many bad reactions from traditional chemical ones that I've almost given up on them! I agree, I've found some more natural based ones to be really thick and heavy so I'm very happy to have discovered this one. JASON's range is really good too x

  2. Sound super interesting but damn that is wayyy out of my budget! I'm currently using Biore UV mousse sunscreen, thin, light and also a high broadspectrum sunscreen, I used to not wear any but since I discovered this one I've been using it almost everyday! I too can't stand a thick formula and most normal sunscreens STING my skin!

    1. I know, I wish the price was a bit more affordable! The Biore sounds great :)


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