High End Beauty: Skin Chemists Under Eye Definer & Lip Plump review

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A picture of Skin Chemists Under Eye Definer and Lip Plump
You may have already heard about Skin Chemists' exotic sounding 'Snake Serum' and 'Bee Venom' ranges across the blogosphere, but away from the hype of those, they have some more normal products for your makeup kit if you some cash to splash.

Two of these products I've been trying out recently have been the Under Eye Definer and Lip Plump.  With Skin Chemists being a high end beauty brand, I was intrigued to find out whether they were worth the hefty price tags.
A picture of Skin Chemists Under Eye Definer and Lip Plump
Skin Chemists Lip Plump* (6ml, £79.95, link)
I haven't had the best of luck with lip plumping products in the past as all of the ones I've tried so far have stung so bad!  After some online research, I decided to give the Skin Chemists Lip Plump a go because it uses Menthol to act as the 'plumper' and I've never had any issues with menthol things.  I did a skin patch test first and had no reaction, so I applied a tiny amount to my lips, massaging it in.  I experienced an instant minty cooling sensation, but no irritation and absolutely no stinging.  Hooray! The results however were very, very subtle; my lips looked perhaps a tiny fraction more fuller and these effects only lasted around an hour.    

Skin Chemists Under Eye Definer* (2.5ml, £79.95, link)
Thanks to my dark circles, I'm a total concealer junkie and I've always looking to find 'the one' that will eradicate them and make me look more awake.  Skin Chemists Under Eye Definer works in the same way as YSL's cult Touche Eclat; it's a light reflecting salmon coloured concealer in a standard click pen brush applicator tube.  This one's very matte, with no noticeable shimmery particles so it works well when applied in the right areas to reflect the light.  The formula is a little thin though, so I wouldn't use this on its own and found it worked best when applied over the top of a corrector.  It blends well, doesn't crease and made me look like I'd had a full nights sleep. 
A picture and swatch of Skin Chemists Under Eye Definer
Summary: Unfortunately I simply can't justify the cost of these products.  Given that they both retail for almost £80 each, I expected near miracles to happen, but they just don't perform well enough for that amount of money.  With regards to the Under Eye Definer, whilst I do like it, I can't imagine who exactly would choose to purchase it over YSL's Touche Eclat which retails for around £25 - when it does exactly the same thing but only comes in one shade?  That's a pretty big price difference...

Have you tried any Skin Chemists products?

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  1. Looks lovely for brightening even if it is a little thin!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  2. The under eye concealer looks good - so expensive for a tiny amount though!

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

    1. I know! Was expecting a lot more mls xx


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