Haircare Review: TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy, Catwalk by TIGI Bodifying Spray & Hairista Cream

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A picture of TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy, Catwalk by TIGI Bodifying Spray & Hairista Cream review
With the A/W fashion shows full of models with big, glossy and super sleek hairstyles, I've been doing some experimenting of my own and testing out these new products from Catwalk by TIGI, plus a bestseller from TIGI Hair Reborn.
A picture of TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy, Catwalk by TIGI Bodifying Spray & Hairista Cream review
TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy* (100ml, £24, link)
If your hair is damaged (whether by forgetting to use a heat protector or you've been in the sun too much this summer etc) and you need to treat it to some much needed TLC, Reparative Nocturnal Therapy is a great quick fix in a bottle to reach for.  It's an intensive treatment that you apply to dry hair before going to bed and it works its magic overnight.  The formula features a 'Prolipid 3' treatment that contains Keratin, Kervais and Babassu Oil to seal damaged cuticles and 'regenerate' the hair.  Whilst I'm dubious about the regeneration claims, I can say that it really does work with smoothing down damaged hair and it gives it a lot of healthy looking shine when you wake up in the morning.

Catwalk by TIGI Bodifying Spray* (240ml, £14.95, link)
My hair is naturally quite flat, especially on the top, so if I want big hair I always have to use some kind of product to achieve it.  The Bodifying Spray does what it says on the tin - you spray it all over damp hair and then blow dry to your heart's content.  It gave me noticeable volume where I wanted it and a light hold.  Best of all, it didn't feel sticky or go crunchy like other products I've tried which is always a welcomed bonus.  The volumising effects lasted around 2-3 hours on me, so I'd recommend using it in conjunction with a good hairspray for a night out.

Catwalk by TIGI Hairista Cream* (90ml, £14.95, link)
If you have split ends but don't yet fancy the chop, Hairista is another good quick fix to have on hand. It smoothes down split ends so your hair is left looking sleek and healthier than it was before, without any stickiness.  

Catwalk by TIGI and TIGI Hair Reborn products are available exclusively from hair salons.  To find your nearest stockist click here.

Do you use any TIGI products?

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  1. You chose some great brands. I haven't tried TIGI yet, but I heard great things. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I was just thinking of getting the TIGI bodifying spray a couple days ago but wasn't so sure. Now after reading your post I think I'm gonna try it ;) Thanks for the mini review!

    If you have time please also check out my blog ;)

    My Current Post: What's In My Beach Bag

    1. I'd definitely recommend giving it a go with some hairspray! :)

  3. I haven;t tried a huge amount from TIGI but I will start with the TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy - sounds fab! x

    1. Let me know what you think of it if you pick it up - I think it's pretty good! x

  4. I neeeed the Restorative Treatment, my hair goes through so much! I love TIGI products, they're fantastic quality.

    Danniella x


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