Review: Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliques

Monday 12 November 2012

 Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliques in Silver Glitteratti and Rainbow Glitteratti (£6 per pack, link)*

The current trend for 'stick-on make-up' shows no signs of slowing down as we begin to head into the Christmas party season.  I was recently sent two packs of Temporary Eye Appliques from Violent Eyes (the same brand that bought you Violent Lips) to try out.

In each pack of Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliques, you get 8 appliques (two sheets of the above) in 4 different eyeliner styles, ranging from full on thick Amy Winehouse style to a much more skinnier version.  These appliques are basically like transfer tattoos that you apply to your eyes to look like actual make-up.  You also get a detailed instructions card, which you'll need to study carefully before attempting to apply these.  Trust me, these are not for those who are short of time unless you're an experienced temporary eye applique user!

To apply these, you will need the following:-

- Your Violent Eyes appliques
- Dry, oil-free eyelids (you can apply these over primer or powder eyeshadow though)
- Scissors
- A mirror
- Cotton bud tips
- A small glass of water
- LOTS of patience

The appliques come ready perforated for you to pop out, but be careful!  They can rip or catch on the corners if you try to do this in a hurry.  On the reverse of each applique are guideline measurements which you can use to cut the applique to the shape of your own eye.

Once you've done that and you're happy with the shape, peel off the plastic film, dampen the paper backing with a cotton bud tip to make the applique more flexible and then apply the sticky side to your eyelid.  To seal and smooth out, use a wet cotton bud tip, and repeat for the other eye. 

How did I get on?
I found these quite difficult to apply and it took several attempts and appliques to get an end result like this:-

 Violent Eyes Silver Glitteratti

For me, these were a lot of hassle to put on, in terms of getting the right shape for my eye and then holding it down and trying to get it to look good.  Personally, I'd prefer to just apply normal make-up, but these might be more fun for those who are don't mind mastering the art of applying them or just want something different for a special party.  They last for up to 16 hours and can be removed with an oil based make-up remover.  Available from Harvey Nichols and Violent Lips Online.

What are your thoughts on stick-on make-up?  
Have you tried anything from Violent Lips/Eyes before?

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*PR sample
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  1. These look great, but i'm not sure i have the patience for them. I'd like to try the violent lips too!

    1. Yeah you do need to have quite a lot of patience for them to start with! The Violent Lip designs look cool :) x

  2. I think these are a good product but everyones eye is a different shape and they're not guaranteed to fit every eye. I think they're easy if you can't be bothered with eyeliner but not something I'd have the patience to apply.

    1. I agree - they do state on the packs that the designs fill all eye shapes, but I really struggled to get it to fit mine and look good x

  3. I agree, I would prefer to just apply normal make up. I think these would be good for fancy dress etc but I don't really see the point in them to be honest. I know I wouldn't have the patience to apply them let alone leave the house wearing them.

    1. Yeah for fancy dress these would be fun for something different but they are bit too gimmicky and fiddly for my liking xx

  4. Mh, I prefer a normal application of the make-up (:
    Federica /

  5. I love the idea of these especially as they're glittery and whenever I wear glitter normally the fallout is bad and puts me off BUT the fact that they're such a hassle to apply really puts me off. I think I'd also be worried about them half peeling off and looking tacky. I think I'd give them a go if I got some as a gift but I'm not going to run out and get some. Saying that though, the finished effect does look nice on you especially if your topped it off with some black liquid liner xx

    1. I think that's one of the main selling points of the glitter ones, the fact that there's no annoying fallout! If you apply them properly and seal them with some extra water, they are pretty peel and smudgeproof - in fact, they can be a bit of a pain to take off! I think they would make fun gifts, but like yourself, I can't see many people rushing out to buy some xx

  6. I like the idea of these, but they do seem hassle!
    Daniella x

  7. I like the idea but I think with them being such a hassle to apply, plus the fact it's hard to get a shape that fits your eye it seems more hassle that it's worth.. Think I'll stick to traditional make up application :)

    1. Me too, I found them really difficult to fit to my eye shape x

  8. I like the idea of these but it seems like much more work then actually creating the look yourself.

    Boston Princess

  9. I don't know how to make a proper eyeliner line so these would be perfect for me!


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