Introducing: Soul Tree Ayurvedic Natural Makeup & Toiletries

Thursday 28 April 2022

Soultree Ayurvedic Natural Makeup & Toiletries
Soul Tree is a natural brand that's been on my radar for quite some time as its products are inspired by ethical and ayurvedic formulas. Soul Tree is also big on using organic ingredients and is in fact, the very first Indian natural brand to carry European certifications for its ingredients.

I don't see many Indian brands that have caused such a buzz on the green beauty scene as Soul Tree have. From their super slick packaging to their wide range of products that are handmade using age-old traditional Ayurvedic methods, Soul Tree is definitely one that you can really enjoy exploring.

I've been testing out several of their products recently and wanted to introduce you to some of my new favourites.

Soultree Ayurvedic Natural Makeup & Toiletries
Dry skin? Try Soul Tree Hand & Foot Cream (100g, £14.03)
Rescue dry skin with Soul Tree's wonderful multi-purpose Hand & Foot Cream. Featuring active botanicals, this intensive care cream formula is packed with natural anti-oxidants and rich moisturising ingredients such as Kokum Butter and an organic triple blend of oils from Sesame, Coconut, and Apricot. I love the addition of Honey, Aloe, and Turmeric to help soften and smooth dry skin.

Pamper yourself with Soul Tree Indian Rose & Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel (250ml, £11.29)
Enjoy a luxury shower experience at home thanks to Soul Tree's Indian Rose & Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel. Not only does this look beautiful in your bathroom, but it has a delicate rose scent that I feel most people will love, even if rose isn't typically your favourite scent as this one is quite unusual. The SLS and soap-free formula is brilliant for sensitive skin that needs a gentle touch.

Soultree mascara and eyeliner kajal review
Sensitive eyes? Try Soul Tree Ayurvedic Mascara (6g, £16.99) and Pure Black Kajal (3g, £14.20)

Soul Tree has a great range of natural makeup that looks chic in your makeup bag and performs effortlessly well. Their Ayurvedic Mascara delivers a natural-looking, lightweight, and clump-free result on the lashes, with a nasties-free formula that also helps to strengthen and nourish them. It's absolutely perfect for everyday wear! 

For some added drama in the evenings, pair it with the Pure Black Kajal; a true Indian kajal eyeliner that is made to a 3000-year-old Ayurvedic traditional recipe. The liner is richly pigmented and glides on so smoothly, with added moisturising properties for dry and sensitive eyes.

soultree lipstick and lip balm review
Treat yourself to Soul Tree Hibiscus & Honey Lip Balm (3.5g, £9.33) and Lipstick in Wild Honey (4g, £15.59)
My last two favourites come from Soul Tree's range of lipsticks and lip balms, both of which I highly recommend checking out. The Hibiscus & Honey Lip Balm is one of the best natural lip balms that I've ever tried. It's like smooth butter on the lips and completely eradicates any dryness. I also find that I'm not constantly reapplying it as a soft layer stays on the lips for longer.

I love the Lipstick in Wild Honey which has a similar list of ingredients to the lip balm, yet has a beautiful modern matte finish. The pigmentation truly blew me away as well! Most natural lippies struggle with this, but Soul Tree has really nailed it to perform just like a regular mainstream lipstick, but without the nasties. 

soultree makeup review swatches
Swatches: Soul Tree Lipstick in Wild Honey, Soul Tree Kajal in Pure Black

soultree makeup review swatches
Wearing Soul Tree Lipstick in Wild Honey, Soul Tree Kajal in Pure Black and Soul Tree Ayurvedic Mascara in Pure Black

Shop the full range of Soul Tree products at

Have you tried anything from Soul Tree?

Health & Lifestyle: Heaven Skincare Collagen Drops review

Friday 8 April 2022


Heaven Skincare Collagen Drops review
Collagen supplements are big news in the beauty industry with many skincare gurus swearing by them for helping to keep their skin looking and feeling younger. One such brand which are creating a buzz are Heaven Skincare with their easy to use Collagen Drops.

Collagen is naturally found in large amounts in younger skin, but as we age, the amount that the body produces becomes less and less the older we get. This sucks because collagen helps to maintain the skin's elasticity so the less that you have, the more prone your skin is to sagging and showing those tell-tale signs of ageing. 

In addition to collagen, our skin cells also naturally produce Hyaluronic Acid; an ingredient I'm sure you're all aware of when it comes to skincare products. And yes, you've guessed it, Hyaluronic Acid also decreases as we get older.

The solution? Find a supplement that incorporates both Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to help replace what we lose! This is where Heaven Skincare's Collagen Drops come in.

Heaven Skincare Collagen Drops review
What's In Them?
Heaven Skincare's Collagen Drops are made up of six natural ingredients which are easily absorbed by the body. These are Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Glucosamine, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.

How To Use
Packaged in small, squeezable bottles, these Collagen Drops are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Simply add one or two drops to a glass of hot or cold drink, or add to food if you prefer. You can also apply one drop to your daily moisturiser, serum or facial oil, or massage it directly into the skin.

What Are The Skincare Benefits?
With regular usage, you should start to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin hydration and elasticity, stronger nails and healthier hair growth.

Are There Any Other Benefits?
Yes! In addition to the skincare benefits, you may also see other physical and mental benefits such as improved gut health, a reduction in joint pain and inflammation, a strengthened immune system, and improved sleep and memory to name but a few.

Heaven Skincare Collagen Drops* (3 x 10ml bottles, £37 for a two-week supply) is available from

Do you use collagen supplements?

Recent Beauty Empties: Products I've Used Up

Tuesday 5 April 2022


It's been a few months since I last posted about my Beauty Empties, but it's definitely time to sort through my trusty bathroom basket and pop these into the recycling bin! Here's my latest roundup of products that I've used up, which ones I'll be repurchasing and which ones will be staying in the bin.

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo* (reviewed here)
A haircare must-try if you have a sensitive, dry scalp, this shampoo definitely helps to calm down any irritation and keeps dandruff at bay as well. SLS-free, 100% natural, and just brilliant! Repurchase? I'm trying out a different shampoo at the moment but will definitely come back to this I'm sure.

Alive Magnesium Plus Body Recovery Bath Flakes* (reviewed here)
Magnesium flakes are great to add to your bath when you have any kind of pain, inflammation, or muscle fatigue so I always keep a pouch or two of them in the bathroom. This brand is simply 100% natural Magnesium Chloride flakes and they work a treat. Repurchase? Yes.

Mudmasky 3-in-1 Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo (travel size)
I'm pretty sure that this came to me via a beauty subscription box and it's quite possibly one of the best discoveries I've made in the past year. As the name suggests, it's something of a multi-purpose superstar and is brilliant for fussy, sensitive scalps like mine. Repurchase? Yes, I'd definitely buy the full-size.

The Castilian Soap Company Fragrance-Free Natural Castile Soap
Natural castile liquid soap is another multi-purpose gem that I always have in my stash and I use it for so many different things. From washing my makeup brushes to cleaning the kitchen floors, it's a safe, gentle, and natural detergent alternative, and a little goes a long way. Repurchase? Definitely.

Nourish Soothing Muscle Bath & Shower* (reviewed here)
I've been hit by a lot of illness in the past few months, from having Covid and pneumonia, to general problems with everyday fatigue, so anything soothing that I can use in the bath has been a godsend. I'm a huge fan of Nourish and their Soothing Muscle Bath & Shower should be available on NHS prescriptions; it's that good. Repurchase? Already have.

Scrub Love Clay-Tox Pure Mask
This face mask was an impulse buy in a Holland & Barrett sale, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed compared to higher-end masks of a similar nature. Great for brightening dull skin and drawing out impurities. Repurchase? I believe it's been discontinued sadly :(

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion* (reviewed here)
Can you tell there's a bit of a theme with the 'bath products for ill people', here?! Another highly recommended saviour is MOA's bestselling Green Bath Potion and this stuff truly is magical when you're feeling congested and like you're dying from flu. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way. Repurchase? On my list. 

Natura Siberica Repairing Natural Hair Mask* (reviewed here)
For an affordable natural hair mask, you can't go wrong with this one from Natura Siberica. It hydrates and nourishes like a dream and smells beautiful too. A simple and easy weekly treatment to give your hair some TLC. Repurchase? I'm using a different product at the moment, but I'd certainly revisit this in the future.

Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200* (reviewed here)
You know you love a product when you realise that you first reviewed it way back in 2016 and you've repurchased it so many times, you've lost count! I love, love, love Evolve's Hyaluronic Serum 200 and feel that it's become something of a cult must-have on the beauty scene over the years. Repurchase? Of course!

Ooh Oils Of Heaven Natural Cucumber Soothing Face Oil* (reviewed here)
If you have sensitive skin, the Ooh Oils Of Heaven range of face oils is a really good one to look into as each face oil contains only one ingredient, so it's perfect for those who are also paring back their skincare routine. This Cucumber Soothing Face Oil is brilliant for calming down redness and irritation. Repurchase? Yes.

What beauty products have you used up recently?

The Weekend Post: Love Struck Smoothies review #NoFuss #NoMess #NoFoodWaste

Sunday 3 April 2022


Smoothies are the best way to start the day, and Love Struck has a wide range of delicious pre-packed smoothie bags ready for you to try out for all of the flavour and none of the fuss!

This ethical B Corp certified company has been making waves online with their no fuss, no mess and no food waste kits. They work with a Michelin-starred chef to create the most delicious flavour combinations, and several of their smoothies have also received Great Taste Awards.

Love Struck's Smoothies are perfectly prepped and portioned bags of fruit and veg which have been flash frozen within 90 minutes to lock in all the nutrients and goodness. Each smoothie is also guaranteed to provide at least one of your five a day with no additives, flavourings or processed sugar.

These plant-based, vegan-friendly smoothies are a tasty way to start the day and with so many different flavours to choose from online, your freezer will soon be packed! Don't forget that the individual plastic bags can be taken to your nearest supermarket to be recycled.

I was delighted to receive a box of Love Struck smoothies to sample recently and I wanted to share some of my favourite flavours with you all so that you can get a good idea of what to expect from Love Struck. In addition to the below, I also tried Pash 'N' Shoot (tropical and delicious) and Berry Go-Round (very summery and refreshing).

Strawberry Split
Strawberry Split keeps it nice and simple with a classic combination of Strawberries and Bananas. This Great Taste Award winner is perfectly balanced with both fruity, slightly tart and sweet flavours coming through. I imagine that this one is a bestseller because who doesn't love strawberries and bananas?!

Big 5
For those who can't get enough fruit into their smoothies, Love Struck has the Big 5. Bursting with Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry and Kiwi, this smoothie has it all with so much exciting flavour and nutritional goodness. It's a good one to pick if you want to boost your immune system thanks to high Vitamin C content.

Coco Loco
Coco Loco is my personal favourite and another Great Taste Award winner. With its combination of Mango, Pineapple, Lime, Coconut and Mint, it's the smoothie flavour that will transport you to a tropical island - all you need now is some good weather!

What Should I Blend My Smoothie Pack With?
Love Struck recommends blending each smoothie pack with either 200ml of Apple Juice (for a super fruity taste) or Coconut Water (for a fresher taste and lower glycaemic index). I tried both and would definitely recommend the latter as I felt that the smoothies are already packed with so much fruit that adding Apple Juice was a bit too much for my palate. They are also really nice simply blended with plain water too.

How Big Are The Portions?
The smoothie packs are super generous - each one is 140g of fruit so when you add 200ml of your chosen liquid, it makes a 12oz smoothie. Definitely excellent value for money!

Shop Fruit Smoothie Bundles from £29.50 for 14 from

Are you a fan of smoothies?
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