As blogging has grown into a respected alternative media outlet, there are many rules, standards and guidelines that bloggers must abide by. The main points are addressed below:-

Full disclosure (*)
We Were Raised By Wolves features a variety of products; some of which have been purchased by myself with my own money, or gifted to me by family and friends, and some of which have been sent to me by brands, PRs and independent individuals. Any product that has been sent to me by a third party will be defined as such with an asterisk (*) to provide full disclosure to my readers. Needless to say, I do not accept any payments for a positive review, nor do I guarantee any brands, PRs or independent individuals a positive review for any product that they send to me.

Sponsored posts and Advertising
Any sponsored or brand collaborative posts will also be defined as such to give full disclosure to my readers. At present, I do not offer sidebar or wraparound advertising, nor do I monetize my blog with affiliate links.

We Were Raised By Wolves uses tracker/user analysis cookies which allows me to see how many people are visiting this site, using a third party service such as Google Analytics to do so. Cookies can be removed or declined by changing your web browser settings.

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