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Interesting in working with We Were Raised By Wolves? Here are the main ways to get involved:-

Sending Products for Review
A large percentage of WWRBW is based around product reviews, either in singular posts, or curated features and edits that I've put together. I'm happy to accept products from brands, PRs and independent individuals for any of the following categories:-
  • Beauty - makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare, electrical beauty etc.
  • Fashion & Style - clothes, shoes, jewellery & accessories - please email for sizes.
  • Food & Drink - anything vegetarian-friendly.
  • Health & Wellbeing - supplements, alternative therapies, pampering etc. 
  • Home, Kitchen & Garden wares
  • Pets - anything suitable for large breed & 'power chewer' dogs.
  • Entertainment - books, music, DVDs / Blu-Rays, graphic novels etc.

If you'd like to send me something, please email for a postal address.

I will always try to test out everything that I'm sent, but by sending a product, this does not guarantee you a positive review or feature on WWRBW. Please also be aware that I'm not a full-time beauty blogger and this is not my main job, so it may take some time for your product to be reviewed, but if I love it, I will do my best to feature it! I also like to fully test out certain products like skincare for at least a month before writing up my thoughts in order to give an informed review to my readers. All opinions are my own, and I do not accept any payments for a positive review. All products which are sent to me by a third party will have an asterisk next to them to provide full disclosure to my readers.   

Products that I don't review or feature, include video & mobile games, anything baby/parent related, fur products, or anything pornographic. For personal and ethical reasons, I also won't feature or promote: any product that is made in Israel in the illegally occupied territories of Palestine, payday loans, anything which promotes fracking, nuclear energy, hunting, racing, or any other animal sports.

Sponsored posts
Sponsored posts can be an engaging way to introduce products, brands and websites to potential new customers who read beauty blogs, and I'm happy to consider well-written ones for inclusion on this blog. However, I will only ever publish a sponsored post if it fits with the tone of my blog, and will be of interest to my readers (please see above for what I don't feature or promote). Any sponsored posts will be defined as such to give full disclosure to my readers. Please email me for further info including any ideas or campaign deadlines that you may have.

Guest posts
We Were Raised By Wolves is open to publishing well written and interesting guest posts from fellow bloggers (i.e not brands or freelance writers - see Sponsored posts above). I also work with several bloggers who very kindly contribute to WWRBW by doing product reviews for me. Please email me to discuss your topic or interest in writing guest post reviews.

Social media
I'm happy to work with brands, PRs and individuals on campaigns across my social media platforms - please email me to discuss what you're planning and what your timeframes are.

At present, I do not offer sidebar or wraparound advertising, nor do I monetize my blog with affiliate links.

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