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Hello! Welcome to We Were Raised By Wolves. My name's Evelyn and this is my personal blog that showcases my passion for all things beauty, health & wellbeing, books, style, and food & drink. I'm based in Manchester/Stoke-on-Trent, UK, and I'm currently studying Environmental Science and Social Policy. I started WWRBW as a way to give my opinion on beauty products that I'd tried, as I couldn't find many reviews on more niche brands that I'd liked, as they didn't have the money to advertise in the mainstream glossy mags. I soon found like-minded people and thus, this blog has continued to grow and evolve over the years to cover a huge range of brands both big and small. I hope you enjoy reading it!

For general reference when you're reading my reviews I have:-
  • Face: Combination for most of the year (more oily in summer / more dry in winter), prone to breakouts.
  • Hair: Currently non-coloured, combination (very dry ends with oily roots), sensitive & dry scalp.
  • General skin: Dry, prone to eczema flareups. 
  • Skintone: Light olive, usually a typical 'Light Beige' in most make-up ranges.

Want to ask me something? I'm more than happy to recommend products and discuss what has worked for me, as well as having a general chit-chat about anything beauty (or current affairs/environmental stuff/books etc).  Email me: beautywolfgirl@gmail.com, or find me on social media @beautywolfgirl

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