Weekend Pampering: Organic Beauty Special

Sunday 29 September 2013

Sundays were made for pampering weren't they?  Here are my product picks for this evening's beauty affair which has an organic theme to it, to celebrate the end of Organic September.

September Books List

A round up of the books I read last month:-

Review & Swatches: Laura Mercier Summer Nudes Nail Lacquers Collection 2013

Friday 27 September 2013

Earlier this week, I received a late PR parcel from Laura Mercier, and almost died of joy when I saw their Summer Nudes Nail Lacquer Collection* was inside.  This collection of six new limited edition shades covers the light to dark spectrum beautifully, and despite it being marketed as a summer collection, I think it suits A/W a lot more.  All of the shades are wearable for everyday, with something to suit everyone who loves their neutral-esque nail polishes.

My Hair Products / Styling Stash

Thursday 26 September 2013

My hair is naturally dry and has a slight wave to it which can either look good (like once or twice a year), or it can look plain awful (i.e most of the time).  It's also a frizzy nightmare to boot, which has forced me to keep an arsenal of products on hand at all times in order to make myself look marginally presentable.  Now, I'm not saying that messy hair isn't cool, on the contrary, but let's face it - getting that 'just got out of bed look' is the same as that 'no make-up look' that requires at least five products isn't it?!  So here's a rundown of what's in my hair products/styling stash.

The One & Only Make-Up Tag

Wednesday 25 September 2013

I was tagged by the lovely Ana from Anagoesgreen to do the One & Only Tag that's currently circulating on the blogosphere.  It was tough going through my make-up collection and compiling what's essentially an ultimate favourites list, but here we go - these are my final picks to the question "If you could only have one.....what would it be?".

Review: Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Kit

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Going to sleep at night doesn't come easy for me.  I often toss and turn, get up, make a cup of tea, read a book and then try again to fall into the land of nod.  This cycle can repeat itself over and over, and let me tell you, there's nothing worse than when you look at your clock and it says 4am and you haven't slept a wink all night!  I know I'm not alone (modern life is stressful afterall), so I was happy to see that one of my favourite organic natural brands have partnered up with The Sleep Council this month to promote their Perfect Night's Sleep Kit.

Late Summer / Holiday Essentials: Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil & St.Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse

Monday 23 September 2013

All of my social media feeds are full of people getting ready to jet off and enjoy a late summer holiday abroad, so I thought I'd do a quick review post of two beauty essentials for those lucky people.  Plus, I think these products would be great for the rest of us stuck in grey old Blighty too!

My Current Favourite 5 Face Oils & Serums

Sunday 22 September 2013

For a very long time, I avoided using any kind of face oil for fear that it would make my oily/combination skin, 'even more oily'.  As my skincare knowledge grew, I quickly realised that this is one of the biggest myths in the beauty world.  So much so, that the opposite is in fact true; using a face oil on oily skin can actually make it less oily and more balanced because your skin isn't having to work so hard to make more natural oil/sebum for your face.  Once I had embraced this, I soon began to reap the many benefits of incorporating one into my skincare routine, and I branched out into serums as well.  Finding one to suit you can take some trial and error though, so I thought I'd share five of my own favourite face oils and serums to give you an idea as to what's on the market.

The Books Q & A Tag

Saturday 21 September 2013

I spotted this tag on Hayley's blog and after reading her answers, I knew I had to give it a go myself.  And I know that there are some of you who enjoy reading my Monthly Book reviews, so I hope this tag is of interest to my fellow bookworms!

Review: Nanshy Face Brush Set

Sunday 15 September 2013

 Nanshy Face Brush Set* (£34.95, link)

When it comes to applying foundation or any kind of base to my face, you'll have a hard task trying to get me to use anything other than my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush.  Seriously, that one brush seems to have single handedly revolutionised how women now apply foundation.  So when Nanshy offered to send me some of their cruelty-free make-up brushes to try out, I did somewhat panic when I saw an entire five piece set of face brushes beneath the bubblewrap.  Bravely, I decided to put the RT Buffing Brush into temporary storage and switched to using only these Nanshy brushes for a whole month.  Here's how I got on.     

Love Me Beauty Box - September 2013 review

Friday 13 September 2013

 Love Me Beauty Box* (£10 + p&p per month, link)

I know what you're thinking.  Another beauty box?  No!  Love Me Beauty is simply the new name for Beauteco Box.  They decided to re-name themselves citing similarities with a different business, which is fair enough in my books.  Nothing else has changed though.  The price is still the same, customers still get three different menu options to choose from each month and they're still keeping their 100% recyclable eco-friendly box & packaging as it is which I'm very happy about.  So without further ado, shall we have a look at what's inside September's Love Me Beauty box?  

Handbag Essential: Laidbare In Safe Hands Sunflower Hand Cream review

Thursday 12 September 2013

Laidbare In Safe Hands Sunflower Hand Cream* (50ml, £4.49, link)

With the weather taking a turn towards autumn and that brisk chill coming back to the air, I decided to have a clearout of my handbag.  Out went the summer essentials (no need for sunglasses anymore when everything looks perpetually grey and overcast now *sigh*), and in came autumn/winter saviours.  

My hands tend to start to suffer from the elements during this time of the year, so I made sure to pop in a good hand cream.  My current saviour of choice?  Laidbare's In Safe Hands Sunflower Hand Cream is just the thing I needed for this seasonal transition.  Despite being 50ml, it's packaged in a handbag friendly size & tube with a sturdy cap.  This hand cream uses Organic Shea Butter (which is seriously amazing for softening any dry skin), plus Sunflower Oil and Vitamin C to further help keep hard working hands soft and supple.  The formula is light, absorbs rapidly with minimal fuss and is completely non-greasy.  Oh and the scent, like all Laidbare products, is gorgeous too (like a floral meets typical shea butter scent).  So soft hands that smell great, with a natural ingredients formula (100% nasties free) and one that gives you change from a £5 note.  A winner all round really.

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Review: Organic Surge Skin Perfecting Face Polish & 2 Minute Moisture Mask

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Organic Surge are fast becoming a favourite brand of mine.  I love their simple beauty products that do the job without the need for any unnecessary ingredients like SLS or parabens.  Plus nearly everything in their extensive range is under a tenner, with regular special offers on as well.  What's not to love?!  Up for review today are two of their products; a facial exfoliator and a quick fix hair mask.

Celebrating Organic September with Pinks Boutique + Rose Crystal Bath Soak & Hand Balm review #OrganicBeauty

Monday 9 September 2013

The Soil Association's annual Organic September promotion is well under way, and lots of green and natural brands are joining in to spread the word throughout this important month.  One such company is Pinks Boutique, the English luxury spa specialists, whose passion for this cause is being demonstrated via their very own Organic Beauty Festival.  In partnership with spas and salons up and down the country, Pinks Boutique will be educating, informing and enlightening customers about the many benefits of green beauty, as well as explaining what 'organic' really means and stands for.  Their festival will see customers pampered with organic tea parties, free treatment tasters, special promotions and GWPs to name a few!  I was kindly sent two of their bestselling products to try out, both of which will be featured in treatments at their associated spas throughout Organic September.

Triple Review & Swatches: Lavera Beauty Balm, Witch Anti-Blemish Beauty Balm & Dr Dennis Gross All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer

Saturday 7 September 2013

Tinted moisturisers and BB creams/balms have always featured prominently in my make-up routines, and I've been experimenting with a number of new ones lately.  All three of these provide different benefits, yet they all deliver a good, light base for those days when you don't want or need a face full of foundation.

Summer / Holiday Staple: Elemental Herbology Watermelon & Cucumber Body Moisturiser review

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Elemental Herbology Watermelon & Cucumber Body Moisturiser* (240ml, £21, link)

I'm an avid fan of body lotions as they help to keep my dry skin happy, so I use them religiously throughout the year.  I have a pretty large stash of them, but always switch to using ones which have a light texture during the summer months.  I was recently introduced to this body moisturiser by Elemental Herbology which ticks all the right boxes.

August Favourites

Monday 2 September 2013

My August beauty favourites are reflective of some of the very best products I've been loving over the summer months.  When I gathered them up, I thought they looked like a rather happy bunch, don't you think?  Let's take a closer look.  

August Empties / Products I've Used Up

Sunday 1 September 2013

Empties time!  You all know the drill by now; so here are the products I've finished off this month, my thoughts on them, and whether I'll be repurchasing them in the future or not.

August Books List

A round up of the books I read last month:-

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