The Weekend Post: Role of Essay Writing for Students #AD

Saturday, 11 July 2020

All students ought to write various types of academic papers. Essays are the most popular and frequently assigned projects. To receive high grades, students are supposed to have advanced writing skills. However, it’s not the only reason why you should enhance your essay writing.

Many students tend to use a pro essay writing service to handle some of the most complicated tasks. Such services do real miracles and write perfect pieces that guarantee the highest grades. Unfortunately, many students overuse them and, so, stop to develop their own skills. They don’t even realize how much they lose when they don’t develop writing skills. This article will illustrate the role of essay writing for students and how it benefits them.

Enhanced Critical Thinking

First of all, students ought to use their brains to write great pieces. They cannot simply write several sentences that aren’t related to one another. An essay must be whole and must make sense. Consequently, students have to think about what to write about, where to find the information, how to use the retrieved information, and how to use it properly. These and similar steps enhance the critical thinking of students.

Students begin to evaluate the whole process and synthesize it from the slightest detail to the final version. As they develop critical thinking, they also enhance problem-solving and analytical skills. It’s necessary to analyze the data you possess and how to overcome any problem. These skills will be useful in other aspects of life as well.

The Possibility to Convey Your Thoughts

Sometimes people have great ideas but they cannot properly express them. Perhaps they have poor writing skills. It has been proved many times that when we write, we learn how to express our thoughts clearly. It’s not an easy process and takes sometimes quite long. Nonetheless, the time students spend to master the art of message delivery is worth a try. If they plainly convey their thoughts, they receive high grades and other people will easily understand their ideas on the paper, as well as during a conversation.

Improved Organization

Students get more disciplined and organized when they write essays. It happens in two ways. Firstly, they plan how to write their essays. It’s necessary to:
  • Choose a topic;
  • Research it;
  • Create an outline;
  • Set deadlines;
  • Decide what to write;
  • Revise, etc.

These are organizational aspects of writing. If an organization is incorrect, everything may come to ruin. Secondly, students develop a habit to write. Although some of them may dislike that stuff, they are obliged to write essays. Otherwise, they’ll drop out of college.

This habit and realization of responsibility turn them into well-disciplined and organized people. Afterward, this habit will embrace other activities of students, which is actually great.

Better Career Perspectives

Effective writing skills are valuable at work as well. A special project of the University of California has checked this theory. It proved that employers require educated experts who have advanced writing skills. Such people are much smarter, quick-minded, creative, and flexible. Such employees and corporate leaders have greater chances to get promoted compared to those with weak writing skills. Over 90% of participants agreed on this statement.

The Usefulness in Real Life

Finally, improved writing skills, as well as problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking, and similar skills help in every aspect of real life. Good writers are great communicators. It’s always pleasant to converse with such folks. They know a lot and their sentences are properly structured and are grammatically correct. They can clearly express their ideas. Besides, such people become important workers. Their solutions come quickly and commonly, they are correct and efficient.

Quick Tips to Write Winning Essays

As we actively discuss the advantages of essay writing for international students, it makes sense to tell how to write great essays. There are several classic tips, which will help to write winning essays regardless of their type, topic, and discipline. These are:

Choose meaningful topics. You must choose only relevant topics. Consider the interests of your audience and focus on a problem, which is really important for them.

Research the main question. Always feedback your theories if you write a scientific essay. Find trustworthy information sources to support your thesis.

Create topic sentences. Sometimes students get stuck in certain parts of their essays. They may lack the plain objective to dwell upon. Thus, you should write the so-called topic sentence for every paragraph. It acts on the behalf of a sub-thesis. If you forget what to discuss, simply look at that sentence.

Enlarge your vocabulary. It’s essential to expand your active vocabulary. You’ll lose many grades if all your essays are full of the same lexicon. Therefore, read a lot and use online dictionaries.

Apply technology. Don’t forget that technology is our friend. Many supporting applications help to detect mistakes and plagiarism, avoid procrastination, select relevant topics, insert correct citations and references, become organized, control time effectively, etc.

Have an editor. It’s vital to reread your essays to spot some mistakes. At times, we miss some of them and so, get a good editor who will help you.

We’re quite confident that every student will think twice before he/she refuses to boost essay writing. It’s utterly beneficial in a great variety of ways and helps in various aspects of life. An academic sphere is only one of them and you can succeed in other spheres too if your essay writing skills are advanced and regularly practiced.

Author’s Bio
Joan Young is an aspiring journalist and copywriter with a deep interest in sociology, inventions and technological progress. She provides online tutoring sessions to international students and finds immense pleasure in witnessing their writing progress. Currently, she is employed by AdvancedWriters essay writing company. Some of her insights can be found in her author’s column on blog.

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My Style: Nordgreen Philosopher Rose Gold Mesh Strap Watch S/S20 review + Nordgreen's Giving Back Programme

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Nordgreen Philosopher Rose Gold Mesh Design review
The simplicity and contemporary innovations of Scandinavian designs are admired around the world, and for a truly classic accessory to complement your daily attire, you can't beat a Nordgreen Watch

Based in Demark's impossibly cool and chic capital of Copenhagen, Nordgreen have partnered with the renowned Scandinavian designer Jakob Wagner to design their latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Well, I say it's an S/S collection, but these pieces are really investments that you'll want to wear for years and years to come!

I was lucky enough to be asked if I'd like to review one of their watches, and after browsing their effortlessly sophisticated range of watches on their website, I decided to choose the Philosopher Rose Gold Watch in the classic Mesh strap design.

Nordgreen Philosopher Rose Gold Mesh Design review
Presented in a long navy blue gift box, each Nordgreen timepiece comes complete with a manual, an engraved serial number on the back of the watch and a Certificate of Authenticity that bears a unique identification number. The latter two are part of Nordgreen's Giving Back Programme which enables each customer to choose from one of their three great causes via their website by inputting their serial and identification numbers. These causes include Health, Education and the Environment initiatives by NGOs which bring about real and immediate change such as:-

  • Health - Water For Good - each watch purchased provides two months of clean water to one person in the Central African republic.
  • Education - Pratham UK - each watch purchased provides a month of education to a child in India.
  • Environment - Cool Earth - each watch purchased preserves 50sqm of rainforest in Latin America.

I very much value brands that make commitments to causes like these and I was pleased to find lots of information on their website which explains in detail what these NGOs do so that you can choose the one that you'd like to support. For my watch, I chose the Cool Earth cause as the world's rainforests are in desperate need of being conserved.

Nordgreen Philosopher Rose Gold Mesh Design review
Back to the watch, when I opened the box, I found it to be even more beautiful in real life than what it looks like online. Nordgreen's Philosopher watches have been designed to 'celebrate our ability to think differently, learn from the past, act now and create a better future', which I couldn't agree more with. The asymmetric second hand that appears to continuously slice through time, is designed to remind of exactly this, as the watch is acting as an instrument of time, whilst the conical shape of the face creates a sharp two-piece dial that draws the eye to the centre of the timepiece, a reminder of being present in the moment. Isn't that just a beautiful way of thinking about time?

This watch features a Japanese Quartz movement and is made from Stainless Steel that offers water resistance up to 3ATM (rain resistant). It also offers a fully customisable and interchangeable strap, and I love the classic mesh design which looks both timeless and contemporary. 

Available in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Gun Metal, it's a truly beautiful everyday accessory that I'll be sure to treasure as time goes by.

Nordgreen Philosopher Rose Gold Mesh Design review
Nordgreen Philosopher Rose Gold Mesh Strap Watch* (£169)

Discover the full range at

Do you prefer to buy from brands that support charitable causes?

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Mid-Week Pamper Treat: Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask review

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask review
British natural and organic skincare brand, Evolve Organic Beauty, have been on a roll with some amazing new releases this year, and the latest addition to their skincare family is this stunning Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask.

I'm an avid fan of Evolve Organic Beauty and regular readers of mine will be delighted with this beautiful new face mask from the award-winning brand. You can check out my review of Evolve's earlier product releases this year including the Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner and 360 Eye And Lip Contour here if you missed it.

Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask review
Released back in May, Evolve Organic Beauty's Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask is made in small batches in Hertfordshire and is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly (certified by the Vegan Society). In keeping with this luxurious organic brand's eco-friendly ethics, the mask comes packaged in a glass jar with a recyclable plastic lid and boasts a formula which is 100% natural, 85.1% of which are certified organic ingredients (certified by Ecocert COSMOS Organic). Its stunning shimmery gold colour comes from ethically sourced mineral mica. 

So what's in it?
This mask contains key ingredients such as a natural Retinol-like plant extract from Bidens Pilosa, an interesting bio-retinol ingredient as it helps to boost the skin's cellular renewal process for a younger and smoother looking complexion, but it doesn't cause the associated irritation that can arise from using regular Retinol. Rosehip Oil has been added for its natural anti-ageing and nourishing Omega-3 rich benefits and Argan Oil helps to keep the skin plump and hydrated thanks to its fatty acids and Vitamin E content.

Full INCI: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Glycerin**, Kaolin, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil*, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*, Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Silica, Iron Oxide (CI77491), Sucrose Laurate, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil*, Parfum (Naturally derived Fragrance), Bidens Pilosa Extract, Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter, Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Oil, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Water*, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Oil, Tocopherol, Sucrose Stearate, Sucrose Palmitate, Tin Oxide. *Ingredients from Organic farming **Made using Organic Ingredients.

Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask review
Who can use it?
The Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask is suitable for all skin types and it's a particularly good treatment to try for sensitive skin types who can't use regular Retinol based products. If you have sensitive skin please make sure that you do a patch test first, just in case. As the main benefits of this mask are focused on anti-ageing, I would recommend it for those who are showing the first signs of ageing, as well as more mature skin which already has fine lines and wrinkles. If you're under 25, you really don't need this in your routine - try Evolve's awesome Radiant Glow Mask instead.

How do I use it and how often?
Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin and leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, pat skin dry with a flannel and follow up with the rest of your routine e.g toner, serum, moisturiser/or face oil. I'd recommend using 1-2 times a week for the best results.

Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask review
Overall Thoughts
My initial thoughts were a bit hot and cold in all honesty. I was of course, immediately drawn into that beautiful, shimmery gold abyss when I opened the jar as it's absolutely mesmerizing and it yielded a lot of instant admiration from my housemates, plus I couldn't wait to take a selfie with it on! However, I wasn't keen on the overly sweet fragrance which reminded me of a very sickly sweet type of bubblegum - it's definitely a love/hate thing, but I can imagine that some people may be put off by it as it's very cloying and overpowering, despite being a naturally derived fragrance. 

The texture of the mask is also similar to bubblegum in the respect that it's very thick, feels a little sticky and glue-like, and it's difficult to spread onto the skin. I'd recommend using a plastic face mask brush or spatula to apply it, which is not only more hygienic but also by far, the easiest method by which to use this mask. Once applied though, the Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask stays perfectly in place on the skin and I liked the fact that it only takes 5 minutes to work its magic. 

Despite my initial concerns about the texture, the mask was super easy to remove as it transforms into a light creamy consistency once warm water is added and it was simple to rinse off without any sticky residue being left on - I didn't need to rub at my face or even rinse twice. This treatment left my skin looking brighter and noticeably glowy after just the first use, and this got even better the more I used it. My complexion feels smoother, softer and definitely more plumped up and hydrated than before so I absolutely love the results of this mask. I just wish that the scent of it was different, but each to their own, as it's been selling out like hotcakes!

Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask* (60ml, £24, link)

What's your favourite face mask?

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Introducing: Innersense - Organic & Cruelty-Free Luxury Haircare - Hydrating Hair Masque, I Create Finish Hairspray & Refresh Dry Shampoo review

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Innersense - Organic, Vegan & Cruelty-Free Luxury Haircare - Hydrating Hair Masque, I Create Finish Hairspray & Refresh Dry Shampoo review
Whether you've fully embraced a lockdown haircut or are eagerly counting down the days to when your favourite hairdresser can fit you into their busy schedules again, many of us are now choosing to invest more time and money into better quality hair care products that we can use at home. It's been a boom for the luxury haircare market and one such brand that is continuing to lead the way is Innersense.

I was introduced to Innersense during May, a time when my hair was in desperate need of some TLC. The lockdown days were beginning to merge into one giant disorientated jumbled mess of sleepless nights and sadly my self-care was not always high up on my list of priorities. So when a parcel from Innersense arrived in the midst of such chaos, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to take some personal time to sort some things out, including my wayward hair.

Innersense is a luxury family-owned business based in California which was founded by two friends who are both beauty professionals. They wanted to create a cruelty-free brand that embodies the best of wellness and beauty by inspiring consumers to make healthier, greener and cleaner choices. Innersense's products use certified organic ingredients which are ethically sourced and harvested, to create formulas that are not only effective but are better for your hair and better for the environment. 

They have a commitment to Beauty Without Compromise which means that their products are free from phthalates, ethoxylates, sulfates, silicones, parabens, propylene, butylene glycol, PEG, MEA, TEA, MIA, EDTA and artificial colourants. The range is a dream come true for beauty fans who love experimenting with luxury hair products and I was thrilled to receive three of Innersense's bestsellers to try out for myself.

Innersense - Organic & Cruelty-Free Luxury Haircare - I Create Finish Hairspray review
 Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque* (118ml, £28, link)
As the lengths and ends of my hair are naturally very dry and frizzy, I'm a huge fan of hair masks and I love to include them in a weekly pampering session at home.  The Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque is packed full of ultra-nourishing organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, Monoi Oil, Flaxseed, Tamanu, Hydrolyzed Quinoa and Coconut Oil to hydrate, repair and strengthen dry and damaged hair, whilst adding lots of lovely shine for a gorgeous swish-worthy finish. 

Depending on how dry and/or damaged your hair is to start with, you can either apply the masque for 5-20 minutes after shampooing, or for a really deep and intensive treatment, you can leave it on overnight. I've tried it both as a 20-minute treatment and as an overnight job, and I would say that the 20-minute option is better if you have fine hair like I do as this is a very rich and moisturising masque so that was enough time for my hair to soak up all of that goodness without overloading it. Dry and thick hair will definitely drink it up overnight though!

Innersense - Organic & Cruelty-Free Luxury Haircare - Hydrating Hair Masque, I Create Finish Hairspray & Refresh Dry Shampoo review
Innersense I Create Finish Hairspray* (295ml, £24, link)
Unlike some other green beauty and organic brands which are sometimes a bit lacking in their product ranges, Innersense has a hair styling aid for every situation imaginable. Whether you want to enhance your curls, create beachy waves, add volume or prep for more elaborate hairstyles, Innersense has it all, and their I Create Finish Hairspray is a good place to start.

This is a versatile product which will work well with all hair types and can be used as the finishing touch for any occasion. Most mainstream hairsprays use plastic-derived resins to make the hair 'hold', but Innersense has opted for Organic Honey instead which works as a natural resin alternative. Rice Amino Acids, Aloe, Lavender and Rooibos Tea extracts have also been included in the formula to further strengthen and hydrate delicate strands for fuller and shinier looking hair in one quick spritz.

I must admit that it doesn't perform exactly like a mainstream hairspray, but it does deliver a decent amount of hold without any sticky or stiff residue and it's easy to brush out, so there are no complaints here from my fussy hair.

Innersense - Organic & Cruelty-Free Luxury Haircare - Hydrating Hair Masque, I Create Finish Hairspray & Refresh Dry Shampoo review
Innersense Refresh Dry Shampoo* (70ml, £22, link)
I try to only wash my hair once or twice a week so I'm an avid user of dry shampoo to keep it refreshed between these washes. Saying that, this is the first time that I've used a dry shampoo which has a foam-to-powder formula so I found this one quite interesting and novel to try out! 

Innersense's Refresh Dry Shampoo works like magic using a clever combination of Tapioca Starch, Witch Hazel, Hydrolyzed Quinoa and Rice Amino Acids which merge together to create a base that sucks up oil from greasy roots without the need to use any Talc (a dominant and somewhat controversial ingredient in many mainstream dry shampoos). The formula quickly changes from a foam to a light powder once it has dried, eliminating excess oil and impurities, and adding some volume and shine. To apply it, I simply added two pumps of foam to my hands and massaged it directly into my roots and left it to dry. Within a minute or so, it had transformed and I then styled it as usual.

Like all the products I've tried from Innersense, this Dry Shampoo has a gorgeous scent thanks to a relaxing blend of essential oils which help to promote further feelings of wellness, so if this sounds like a brand for you, be sure to check out the full range which is available from Cult Beauty and Innersense Organic Beauty

Have you been buying more haircare during lockdown?

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June Empties: Products I've Used Up

Monday, 6 July 2020

June Empties: Products I've Used Up
I know, I know, I'm a bit late with my Empties post again, but here they are! My little wicker basket has been filled once again with all things beauty that have come and gone in my bathroom recently. Here are my thoughts on the ones that I'll be repurchasing again and the ones that might not have made the cut.

Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm* (reviewed here)
It's been a while since I last used up a lip balm and this Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm has been the one that I've had on my bedside table for the last few months. I'm a huge fan of the Hurraw! Lip Balms and this Moon version simply has some relaxing essential oils added to it, so it's lovely to use before going to bed. Repurchase? I have a bunch of opened lip balms that I need to use up first, but I'd be more than happy to purchase this again in the near future.

Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray* (link)
I was recommended to try this by a friend when my eczema was flaring up as my skin wasn't tolerating my usual thick creams and ointments. Instead, the Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray is a light spray-on moisturiser and it absorbs quickly. It's 98% natural and steroid-free so it's a great option for those who are looking for a more natural alternative to soothing their eczema problems, and it can be used for psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and any dry, itchy skin complaint. Repurchase? Yes, I really loved the convenience of the spray bottle and how fast-acting and effective it was. 

Laponie Balance & Prep Toner Spray (link)
I can't remember which beauty box this came in, but I do know that this is a gorgeous Laponie Balance & Prep Toner Spray and I've thoroughly enjoyed using it as part of my morning skincare routine. It's fragrance-free and specifically formulated for sensitive and problem skin. Repurchase? Laponie is a Scandinavian brand and I don't think I've seen them for sale in the UK sadly, but I'd love to try more from them if they do decide to come over here in the future.

June Empties: Products I've Used Up
Evolve Organic Beauty Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream (link)
My sister bought this for me a couple of months ago when she purchased a few products from Evolve Organic Beauty that I'd recommended to her online, and I absolutely love it. Being a massive fan of their skincare (check out my reviews of Evolve Organic Beauty here), I hadn't realised they had a deodorant in their range so it was a brilliant find. Evolve's Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream reminds me of Aurelia Botanical Deodorant in terms of consistency and how gentle it is for sensitive skin, so if you're a fan of that one, you'll love this just as much and it smells so clean and spa-like! Repurchase? I'm actually using the Aurelia one at the moment, though I will happily buy this again.

Tropic Skincare Glow Berry Brightening Serum(reviewed here)
If a Vitamin C infused serum is on your shopping list, Tropic's Glow Berry Brightening Serum is one that I'd highly recommend trying. Used regularly, this serum delivers a noticeable brightening difference to dull complexions and I always feel that my skin looks 'healthier' when I've been using it. You do need to store it in the fridge though as it has a lot of active ingredients. Repurchase? Already have.

P'URE Papaypa Ointment(reviewed here)
A multi-purpose staple, I've gone through at least three or four tubes of this stuff over the years and I always have one open somewhere. If you haven't tried it before, P'URE Papaya Ointment is a brilliant product that you can use to soften and instantly hydrate any dryness, so it's great for lips, feet, hands, cuticles etc, and I know a lot of new mums who have used it to soothe sore nipples when they've been breastfeeding. 100% natural and one tube lasts ages as you only need to use a tiny amount each time. Repurchase? I have the bigger sized tube currently on the go!

June Empties: Products I've Used Up
My. Haircare Rescue My Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar(reviewed here)
My hair is notoriously fussy when it comes to shampoo bars and I've tried loads of different brands in the past, most of which have been disappointing. Thankfully though, my fussy hair loves this Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar from My Haircare as it gently cleanses my scalp, removes all traces of dirt, pollution and product build-up, and doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped or ultra-dry afterwards. It's free from sulphates and silicones, plus it's vegan-friendly. One bar has lasted me about 3 months and I usually wash my hair twice a week. Repurchase? Definitely.

Skin & Tonic Calm Balm (link)
I was very kindly sent this by a reader who responded to one of my Instagram posts about anxiety and I felt really touched that she chose to not only purchase this for me, but also that she shared her own story about dealing with anxiety so that I didn't feel alone when I was dealing with a lot of stress earlier in the year. Calm Balm is an aromatherapy balm that you can apply to your pulse points and temples to help you to relax as it has a soothing natural fragrance thanks to a clever blend of essential oils. I found it very useful and it's something that I'll certainly keep on my desk to add some calm to my day. Repurchase? Yes.

Lavera After Sun Lotion(reviewed here)
With the recent heatwaves that we've had in the UK, Lavera's After Sun Lotion has been a must-have. This is a lovely cooling and hydrating lotion for anyone who enjoys the sun (with SPF of course!) and you get a huge tube for less than a tenner so it's a really good affordable option for families who want to use something that's more natural. I think this is the third tube that I've used up and you can also use it as an everyday body moisturiser in the summer months. Repurchase? Definitely.

P.S - How To Recycle Your Beauty Empties!
All of the glass and easy-to-recycle plastic PET empties will be put into my council's blue bin kerbside recycling scheme, but for the harder-to-recycle stuff, I will be:-
  • Recycling the pumps, lids and atomisers with Neal's Yard Remedies - more info at the bottom of their website here.
  • Recycling any other products that my local council doesn't accept, such as flexible plastic tubes at The Body Shop, L'Occitane or with Garnier's Terracycle partnership - more info here.

What have you used up recently?

Green Beauty: LoveLula Beauty Box - June 2020 review

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Green Beauty: LoveLula Beauty Box - June 2020 review
If you love discovering new green beauty products and brands, the LoveLula Beauty Box is the perfect cruelty-free subscription box for you! June's edit features some fantastic products that you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine, and with the contents being worth £63, it's an absolute bargain!

Here's what I found inside, and don't forget that you can read my reviews of previous LoveLula Beauty Boxes here.

Kathleen Natural Citrus Cheer Bubble Bath & Shower Gel
 Kathleen Natural Citrus Cheer Bubble Bath & Shower Gel (RRP £18)
I think it's safe to say that most of us could use some cheering up right about now, given the state of the world's current situation with COVID-19, so I was very happy to find this luxury Bubble Bath & Shower Gel from Kathleen Natural when I opened up the box. I've used the Tranquil Fields scent before which is great for winding down before bedtime, and this Citrus Cheer fragrance is the exact opposite as it's warming, zesty and very uplifting - perfect to use first thing in the morning if you're a night owl like I am! Suitable for all skin types, it can be used in both the bath and the shower so that everyone can enjoy its cheery goodness.

Humble By Nature Sweet Pea & Verbena Hand Cream
 Humble By Nature Sweet Pea & Verbena Hand Cream (RRP £8)
A good quality hand cream is a must-have and I love the Sweet Pea & Verbena fragrance of this particular one from Humble By Nature, which is a brand that's been created by TV presenter Kate Humble. The main concept behind her brand is to create products that you can use to spoil yourself, without spoiling the environment which is something that I can definitely get behind!

Ooh! Oils Of Heaven Plum Face Oil
Ooh! Oils Of Heaven Plum Face Oil (RRP £19)
One of the fun things about a subscription to the LoveLula Beauty Box is that every now and again, they include a brand new product and subscribers are often among the very first people to try them out. This Plum Face Oil is the latest release from Ooh! Oils Of Heaven who are a brand that I've had the pleasure of using many of their amazing products from in the past. Described as a multi-tasker, this oil is rich in Omega 9 and leaves the skin feeling silky soft so it's particularly great for dry skin types.

Elsa's Organic Skinfoods Detox Natural Deodorant
Elsa's Organic Skinfoods Detox Natural Deodorant (RRP £18)
The final product in this month's LoveLula Beauty Box is another luxury natural treat and although it's a somewhat mundane everyday product, I'm actually really excited to try it! I'm a huge fan of Elsa's Organic Skinfoods deodorants and have been recommending them to friends and family ever since I reviewed them two years ago (read my review of Elsa's here), so it's great to see the brand back with a new product.

This Detox Natural Deodorant is a super-concentrated formula that contains Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay to deliver all-day protection which is much more powerful than any other natural deodorant. I must admit that I do struggle to find a natural deodorant that works for me during a heatwave summer, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram Stories to see how I get on with this as the weather continues to warm up!

LoveLula Beauty Box* is a monthly subscription box priced at £13.95 with free postage in the UK. Visit to find out more.

Have you subscribed to LoveLula's Beauty Box?

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The Weekend Post: Emotional Wellness Activities for College Students #AD

Saturday, 20 June 2020

At first, we all watched movies and series about students' lives where students did nothing but have fun, drink, sometimes travel, and fall in love. Now, we see very different styles of movies and series about students' lives. Previous year Euphoria became the top series in this field, and it is rather dark, if not depressive. Of course, not every student lives through such troubles as Zendaya's character, but many of them have enough problems in college. 

Emotional wellness is something that hasn't been widely discussed previously, but now it is a raging topic. It has been proven that emotional intelligence is not less critical than cognitive intellect, and is even more important in terms of success in life. That is why, being a college student, you should prioritize your emotional wellness. Here are some actions and activities which may help with it. 

Defining what well-being looks like for you

People are different, and it is normal that well-being looks differently for them. It is related both to emotional well-being and any other kind of well-being. It would be strange to expect all the people to have the same understanding of happiness and fulfillment. People tend to look at others and think about what others have achieved. It can be very challenging to adjust your life to someone else's expectations and successes. And the main idea is that you should not do it. You should Define what well-being in many aspects looks like for you and for you only. It is not a simple task, but once you deal with that, you will be ready to move forward without getting distracted by other people's understanding of life. We don't mean that someone else's understanding is bad or wrong; we just mean that you should be first of all on your own vision.

Screening your psychological state

Once you define what emotional well-being is for you, you can move to the next stop. We don't mean this article to be a step-by-step manual, and most of the activities we offer are not interconnected rigidly. However, their first two ones are connected, and it is better to do them one by one. There are many systems that help to screen your psychological state. We cannot recommend a particular one if you are currently communicating with a specialist, ask him for an individual recommendation. However, we can recommend a PERMA model to assess your life situation. P is for positive emotion, E is for engagement, R is for relationships, M is for a meaningful existence, and A is for achievement. 

Analyzing available resources

When you watch motivational speeches on YouTube or read them in books or articles, you may stumble upon sentences Telling you that you have all the resources to achieve whatever you want. It sounds so nurturing, so reassuring, but the fact is it is not valid. Unfortunately, it is not true. We all have limited resources, and mostly they are not enough to achieve everything we want, so we need to choose wisely. But before you choose, you need to make our goal, to understand the task for which you need those resources. Later you list all those resources available and choose from them the most suitable ones for the situation. For example, you may not have resources to address a psychologist right away, but you can't talk to a college counselor or join a support group on campus. You may not have enough energy for dealing with your essays, so you can address SmartWritingService, for example, which provides students with legitimate essay writing services for professional help from time to time. Not all our resources are interchangeable, but many of them are. Don't get discouraged from the very beginning, keep digging, and you will find the resources you need to achieve the goal and make your emotional well-being more stable.

Asking for help

This part is one of the most difficult ones because, from our childhood, we are taught that we should help others, and we are not taught how to ask for help without losing self-confidence. We know how to provide help to our friends, but we are often too shy to ask directly for this help ourselves. It is an important flaw in our minds that should be overcome. Think of three major problems that influence your emotional well-being and decide on people, which theoretically can help you with them. Of course, you won't make them responsible for those changes, you're the responsible one, but you can share your struggle and ask for some help, which will make the journey easier for you. 

Adjusting your diet

It might sound surprising, but it is very difficult to guarantee emotional well-being without adjusting your diet. We are not speaking about self-esteem related to body weight or appearance, though those conceptions are still very strong in our society. We talked about the influence that food we eat has on our brain, on our emotions, on our ability to deal with daily tasks and to stay confident in our abilities. Food that is full of sugar and preservatives has a strong effect on our emotional stability. You need to cut on sugar and junk food if you want to balance your emotional well being. Excessive sugar sends you to an emotional roller coaster, and no matter how long you meditate or how good your self-awareness is, you will have mood swings, which will make you miserable sometimes. Tracking your diet, connecting it with your emotional state, and changing the diet accordingly, will hugely enhance your emotional well-being.

Emotional wellness requires an investment of time and effort. You cannot expect that the moment you start tracking your mood, everything will become significantly better in a blink. You need to build a system that will help you to maintain emotional balance. At first, it may even seem like things are going worse. It is just the same as when you want to tidy your wardrobe and start taking everything from the shelves, sorting it, and your whole room immediately looks like a mess. Not a very tidy picture, right? For the moment, it may even seem that you did all wrong, you made things worse, and it will never get tidy back again. The same feeling can hunt you on your way to emotional wellness. Just know that if you feel this way, you require just a little bit more effort before things get better.

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Health & Lifestyle: 5 Products To Help You Fall Asleep Faster #BestSleepEver

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Following on from last month's sleep-focussed post (read here) where three wellness experts shared their top tips for getting a better night's sleep, I've decided to round up some of my go-to bedside products that I use when I'm struggling to count those elusive sheep.

Disclaimer: Please see a GP if you're having sleep problems - below are just the products that I have been using to help my own sleep issues, but they may not all work for you.

 Neal's Yard Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist
 Spritz On Bedlinen - Neal's Yard Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist* (45ml, £15, link)
Pillow mists are something that used to be quite obscure many years ago but thankfully they are readily available these days thanks to growing consumer demand for natural sleep aids. I've tried a lot of different brands and one of my favourites that I frequently go back to when I'm having sleep problems is Neal's Yard Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist. Packaged in their signature dark blue glass bottle, the mist is composed of a relaxing blend of Organic Lavender, Vetiver and Mandarin essential oils - all well known for their soothing properties. Simply spritz over pillows and bedlinen before you want to sleep and let the tranquil fragrance work its magic as you nod off.

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion
Take A Bath - MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion* (100ml, £25, link)
Taking a warm bath is often mentioned in many sleep hygiene routines, and I have personally always found baths to be wonderfully relaxing, especially if you've had a particularly busy or stressful day. Baths can significantly help you to unwind and they're great for relieving aches and pains such as sore muscles from exercise. Try MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion which is a bath oil that I often recommend to anyone who isn't keen on the traditional lavender scents. Instead, this Bath Potion is more of a herbal blend with Peppermint, Fennel, Sweet Birch and Yarrow that's both invigorating (it helps to clear and refresh the mind) and calming at the same time thanks to the physical benefits that it brings to the body. It's also ideal to use when you're feeling run down as it clears up blocked sinuses a treat - just make sure to not use too much - it's strong stuff!

Balm Balm Lavender Hand Balm
Treat Your Hands - Balm Balm Lavender Hand Balm* (60ml, £12.50, link)
Hands feeling dry due to frequent washing and using hand sanitiser all day? Give them some TLC with this ultra-rich Balm Balm Lavender Hand Balm. The perfect pot of hydrating goodness to keep on your bedside table, it has a seriously nourishing formula thanks to a blend of Shea Butter, Sunflower, Beeswax, Jojoba and Calendula oils. With added Lavender essential oil, it fits in neatly as an extra pampering step that you can do before bedtime to get you in the right frame of mind for sleep.

Try A Rollerball - Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Oil* (8ml, £10, link)
Temple balms and oils are another handy product to have nearby when you're struggling to sleep and I sometimes re-apply them to my pulse points if I wake up in the middle of the night to help me to get back to sleep. Lots of different brands offer them and Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Oil is definitely one to try if you want something that's instantly comforting and relaxing as it has Lavender, Bitter Orange and Mandarin Orange essential oils in a convenient rollerball. Swipe it on, breathe it in and relax.

Naturopathica CBD+ Unwind
Unwind With CBD - Naturopathica CBD+ Unwind* (30 capsules, £39.99, link)

CBD is fast becoming the go-to supplement for those who are feeling stressed and anxious, and I've written about my personal experiences with the positive benefits of taking CBD Oil in previous features on this blog. If you're not a fan of the taste of pure CBD Oil, there are lots of other ways to try it including teas, lozenges and more traditional capsules. The CBD+ Unwind capsules from wellness brand Naturopathica have been particularly useful to me, and I've been taking them for the past month to help with the heightened sense of anxiety I've been having due to the current pandemic situation. This range has been formulated to work with the body's endocannabinoid system so it contains 5mg of full-spectrum CBD to be the most effective, and the Unwind blend also includes B1, Magnesium, L-Theanine and Chamomile to further support healthy sleeping patterns.

Do you have problems sleeping?

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