Celebrating Organic September with Pinks Boutique + Rose Crystal Bath Soak & Hand Balm review #OrganicBeauty

Monday 9 September 2013

The Soil Association's annual Organic September promotion is well under way, and lots of green and natural brands are joining in to spread the word throughout this important month.  One such company is Pinks Boutique, the English luxury spa specialists, whose passion for this cause is being demonstrated via their very own Organic Beauty Festival.  In partnership with spas and salons up and down the country, Pinks Boutique will be educating, informing and enlightening customers about the many benefits of green beauty, as well as explaining what 'organic' really means and stands for.  Their festival will see customers pampered with organic tea parties, free treatment tasters, special promotions and GWPs to name a few!  I was kindly sent two of their bestselling products to try out, both of which will be featured in treatments at their associated spas throughout Organic September.

Pinks Boutique Hand Balm* (50g, £16, link
86.5% organic & 100% natural ingredients
Made with rich organic shea butter, sweet orange, neroli and Vitamin E, this is a thick and incredibly hydrating hand balm that will soften even the roughest and driest of hands.  You only need to use a tiny amount (seriously when they say a little goes a long way with this, they really do mean it!).  I like to gently warm it between my palms first and then massage it into my hands for a good 5-10 minutes.  I can see why they use this in their hand and manicure spa treatments because it does feel very pampering and luxurious to use!  The scent is absolutely gorgeous, and my hands felt softer than a baby's bum once the balm had absorbed.  It can feel slightly greasy at first, but I'd recommend really going to town on massaging it in, and your hands will forever be grateful for this extra amount of TLC.

Pinks Boutique Rose Crystal Bath Soak* (200g, £20, link)
Sample 50g size shown - 100% natural ingredients infused with organic essential oils
I do love to indulge in a long, hot bath every now and again, and thoroughly enjoy using luxury bath products as a special 'me time' treat.  This bath soak is one of the most luxurious products I've had the pleasure of using.  It's made from a blend of pure and natural Himalayan mineral crystals, Dead Sea Salts and organic essential oils such as lavender and rose, and will transport you to Cloud 9 in a matter of minutes.  To use, you simply sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons into your bath and allow it to infuse for a couple of minutes before getting in.  It's so relaxing and those essential oils just help to calm your mind completely.  Just the thing I need after a difficult day at work!

Pinks Boutique products are made with the very best organic and natural ingredients, as well as being certified by The Soil Association.  They don't contain any nasties such as sulfates, parabens, petro chemicals, GM ingredients etc.  Their products are available via their website, as well in spas and salons across the country.  

For more information on their Organic Beauty Festival, just head over to their website here.  You can also join in with discussions and chats online via Twitter using #OrganicBeauty

Have you experienced any Pinks Boutiques products?
Will you be joining in with Organic September?

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  1. These both look and sound lovely! I have ordered the Pinks Boutique candle and can't wait for it to arrive Xx

    1. Their candles look divine, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that :) xx

  2. I've never heard of this brand before. The Bath Soak looks really nice. :)

  3. These sound gorgeous, especially the Bath Soak!
    zozeze.com x

    1. It's so luxurious, can't recommend it enough! x

  4. Those look and sound incredible. Thank you so much for sharing, I need to look into these!


  5. Great review & Beautiful products, this is exactly why I love natural & organic products. I need to get me some Pinks Boutique :)

    1. Thank you Sarah :) I love the extra effort that a lot of natural and organic brands put into their products and really agree with the ethics of Pinks Boutique too :)


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