Xmas Gift Idea: simplehuman Sensor Pump Soap Dispenser & Fragrance Free Liquid Hand Soap

Saturday 15 December 2012

Simplehuman Sensor Pump Soap Dispenser* (£39.99) & Simplehuman Fragrance Free Liquid Hand Soap* (443ml, £6.99)

Every year I always struggle to find something to give to my Gran for Christmas.  She is one of those people who always says she doesn't want anything, but if I turned up on Christmas Day empty handed, she'd be a bit miffed (in the nicest possible way of course!). 

When simplehuman contacted me recently to ask if I'd like to receive one of their fancy Sensor Pump Soap Dispensers, I had to have a think about it before replying.  In all honesty, I'm a simple bar of soap kinda gal, though I am partial to my current Burts Bees Citrus & Ginger liquid hand soap.  

Anyway, you can see where this short story is going.  I decided to accept the offer and give it to my Gran as one of her Christmas presents, and she loves it.  She has rheumatoid arthritis which means this is absolutely ideal for her to use, and much easier than her having to struggle with a bar of soap every time she wants to wash her hands.  The battery powered sensor pump is just that; simply put your hands underneath the little spout, it magically detects that they're there, and then dispenses a small amount of the liquid soap.  It makes a little whirring noise when it dispenses, but it's nothing offensive. 

I think this would make a great gift for anyone who has a relative or friend in the same position, or if you know someone who has a nice kitchen and you're stuck for what to get them, then it might make the perfect gift!

simplehuman stock a range of their own liquid hand soaps which you can buy with the Sensor Pump, or you can obviously refill it with your own.  They also sell traditional pump soap dispensers (as shown above) and lots of other kitchen and bathroom related apparel.  

Do you like to give/receive kitchen/bathroom gadgets for xmas?

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  1. that's a lovely idea, as it looks very easy to use! I would definitely give it a try!

    1. It's very easy to use! Let me know what you think if you try it :)

  2. My gran got something similar a few years back but it looked horrendous! lol This looks much more sleek. I'll have to tell her about it.

    1. I do love the design of this - if I had a nicer kitchen, I'd definitely be buying one for myself xx

  3. I've been thinking to a soap dispenser for a while, especially as I can be quite OCD about washing my hands! :s I agree, this is the best design I've seen! xx


    1. The design of it is very sleek, definitely one of the best I've seen too! xx


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