#5 Amazing Things To Do This Summer

Friday 21 June 2013

Summer always feels like the shortest of the seasons in the UK, perhaps due to the crazy weather or maybe because so many of us associate it with those six weeks of school holidays (remember those? Oh, weren't they glorious!).  Either way, I think it's important to make the most of this brief feeling season, so grab a pen and paper (or your tablet/laptop/phone) and maybe brainstorm some fun things to do.  Here are my top five suggestions.

1.  Visit an art exhibition  (image above)
I used to go to a lot of art exhibitions when I was younger and find that these days, I just don't make the time as much, and I miss it.  I do manage to go to a few every year, but I'd love to go to more. 
My pick: Curators' Tour and Talk / Anguish and Enthusiasm @ Cornerhouse Art Gallery, Manchester looks like an interesting one to visit.  Plus, random fact - I did work experience at Cornerhouse when I was 15!

2.  See some bands play live
I'm beyond excited to be going to see Bon Jovi and Bush in Hyde Park soon.  I will be fangirling to my heart's content!  I've seen quite a lot of bands play London's Hyde Park and it's such a great place to see a summer concert.  So my pick is: Hyde Park Festival - let me know if you're going!

3.  Experience something completely different
Have you ever seen those ads on TV for magical looking performance events and thought 'One day, I'll go to one of those?'.  Don't put it off any longer - go and experience something new!
My pick: Cirque Du Soleil London - I've always been fascinated by these types of shows, but I've never been to one... yet!  This one looks set to be a breathtaking affair of visuals including a range of talented perfomers, acrobats and musicians.

4.  Camp with your friends at a festival
If Britain does just one thing well, it's festivals.  There's something to suit everyone's tastes and budgets these days, so you're bound to find something you and your friends will enjoy. 
My pick: Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire - an eclectic weekend packed full of music, art, poetry and theatre set in the enchanting Cornbury Park.  Sounds like heaven on earth to me, anyone going to this?

5.  Get involved in something to bring about change / volunteer for a charity
If you have some free time this summer, why not get involved with a good campaign/cause to help bring about some change to where you live?  This could be something along the lines of volunteering for a charity in your community, or organising together with like-minded people to promote an issue that needs to be addressed. 
My pick: UK Uncut have lots going on, and use a myriad of creative, peaceful ways to highlight problems such as tax avoidance and government cuts to the NHS.     

And an extra one for those of you in London, why not visit the British Library?  They specialise in networking events as well as having a whole host of activities planned for the Summer. Keep up to date with The British Library by visiting their website here.
What are you planning to do this summer?

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  1. My boss went to see Bon Jovi last week in Sunderland and he said the whole stage set up was unbelievable, so I think you'll be in for a treat there!

    I'm really wanting to see a Cirque de Soleil show, I'm actually thinking of buying tickets for the show in Disney when I go next year :) xx

    1. Exciting! I've heard the shows at Disney are incredible :) xx

  2. My first ever concert was Bon Jovi when I was 13! Haha. I'd love to go see something like Cirque de Soleil. It looks so amazing!


    1. That's an awesome first concert! :D
      Cirque de Soleil looks fab doesn't it?!

  3. It's winter here but I am still planning to see some shows hopefully :)

  4. I'm working on a summer to do list so this is great for me :) I want to go to lots of events at the Edinburgh book festival x

    1. The Edinburgh Book Festival looks amazing - wish I lived closer to it! x

  5. Great ideas! I am hoping to do some more coastal walks with the hubby and mutt in tow and get to at least one folk festival and spend as much time in my garden as possible! x

  6. I definitely agree with #3 and doing something novel every day (or as often as possible) is one of those random goals I thought up for myself a few months ago :p

  7. Great ideas! I've been looking for a good festival to go to this summer, so will definitely check out the Wilderness one, thanks for the heads up! :) x

    1. It looks incredible - they have some nice promo vids for it up on Youtube too :)


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