Hayfever Saviour: Organic Surge Eye Gel

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Organic Surge Eye Gel* (15ml, £8.49) 

Last year, I wrote a post about my favourite beauty products for surviving hayfever with, and I still stand firmly by them.  However, I have come across a new one recently that needs to be added to that 'Hayfever Saviour' list.  If your eyes are currently feeling irritated and puffy due to the high pollen counts, then do read on.

Organic Surge Eye Gel should be made available on prescription for hayfever sufferers.  This lightweight, easy to dispense, non-greasy eye gel is blissfully soothing for anyone who is experiencing sore, irritated and extremely puffy eyes from pollen and sun exposure.  It uses a combination of natural plant actives to calm down irritation and inflammation, whilst at the same time hydrating the eye area and helping to reduce puffiness.  One of the key ingredients is euphrasia (Eyebright) which is has been used for centuries for things like conjunctivitis, sinus infections, and of course, hayfever too.  There's also Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel which all help to keep summer eyes happy and bright.

The best way I've found to use this eye gel is to keep it in the fridge on hot days, and dab a little of it around my eye areas before going outside.  The cooling sensation is lovely, and my eyes feel a lot less itchy, meaning I can enjoy the sun for longer periods at a time.  Hooray!

You can also use it as a general, everyday eye treatment instead of a cream if you don't have hayfever.  This may appeal to those who find creams too heavy in the summer months, or are worried about the undereye area becoming congested.

Do you use a product like this to help with your hayfever?

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  1. for hayfever ummm i got pills but didn't do anything for me, i wash my eyes, rinse them with water.

    1. Washing/rinsing your eyes is probably the most effective thing you can do, especially if you find pills don't work for you :)

  2. This sounds like a godsend, I'm suffering so badly with it at the moment!

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. It sounds promising

  4. I've never heard of using eye cream to treat hayfever before but this sounds amazing, my hayfever is so bad at the moment! xx

    1. It'll help to treat the symptoms of hayfever relating to just eye problems (like itchiness, soreness etc) so it works very well for it in that respect :) xx

  5. I NEED this! I woke up in a fit of sneezing and itchy eyes. Thanks! :)

  6. This does sound lovely, thankfully hayfever never affects my eyes but my brother suffers so bad. Maybe I'll treat him ;D

    Jess xo


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