Review: Primavera Organic Juniper Berry & Cypress Body Scrub + Tips to Maintain Your Summer Tan

Wednesday 3 July 2013

 Primavera Organic Juniper Berry & Cypress Body Scrub* (200ml, £20, link)

Mornings are usually a bleary eyed, stumbling-around-like-a-new-born-lamb experience for me, so I rely on a couple of things to help me wake up.  Loud upbeat music (cheesy 90s dance classics are always a winner!), a cup or two of green tea, and fresh scented products in the bathroom generally do the trick.  This body scrub from Primavera has been a welcome addition to my waking-up routine. 

Primavera's Organic Juniper Berry & Cypress Body Scrub falls swiftly into that gentle category of the scrub hierarchy.  It's really more of a cleansing shower gel with tiny jojoba wax beads and olive seed, than a full on body scrub, which I found disappointing at first (I like my scrubs to be pretty fierce truth be told).  After a few uses though, I began to appreciate it more as a morning body wash because the scent is wonderfully clean and fresh thanks to the Organic Juniper Berry and Cypress Essential Oils which help to stimulate, and effectively 'wake-up' the mind.  Great for sleepy heads like me!  It also lathers up well, and my skin is left feeling thoroughly cleansed and ready to start the day.

Tips To Maintain Your Summer Tan
Esther Cooney, beauty expert and therapist at natural and organic skincare brand Primavera gives her top tips for maintaining a healthy summer glow well into autumn:

1.  Firstly, it’s important to exfoliate.  This should be done before your holiday to ensure that skin is hydrated and prepped.  Dry skin can lead to peeling, and in some cases an uneven tan, so slough away dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator, such as Primavera’s Organic Juniper Berry & Cypress Body Scrub.  It contains only natural and organic ingredients, which are kind to the skin and minimise irritation that conventional products containing synthetic ingredients may cause.

2.  Wearing sunscreen is vital when exposed to the sun, not only to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, but also if you want a long-lasting tan.  Not only is it dangerous to avoid wearing sunscreen due to skin cancer risks, but burning your skin can lead to premature ageing and red, peeling skin, rather than a sexy golden glow.

3.  Moisturising is key to a healthy and long-lasting tan, to ensure skin is hydrated and smooth.  The face is the first area where tans usually fade, so remember to use a good quality face moisturiser as well as a body lotion.

 4.  Avoid waxing if you want your tan to last, as it will remove surface skin cells, therefore stripping away the top layer of your tan.

5.  Your skincare routine should continue after your holiday – make sure you moisturise on a daily basis to keep skin hydrated, and use natural and organic products that are free from chemicals and potential skin irritants.

 Primavera products are available from and all good online & independent health and beauty stores nationwide.

Have you tried anything from Primavera?
What are your tips for maintaining summer tans?

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  1. I can usually only exfoliate twice a week because otherwise my skin ends up too dry so I quite like the idea of being able to use this in replacement of a body wash. Exfoliating before tanning is so important, I have seen far too many patchy tans!

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Would be perfect for you :)

      And I agree - exfoliating really helps to stop tans from going all horrible and patchy! x

  2. Looks like a nice product! :)
    I would like to invite you to join my giveaway and win a pair of glasses from! Visit me soon! :))

  3. sounds really a treat for the skin! love the logo of the brand too. :) x


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