The Perfect Night In (with a Neom candle of course)

Monday 28 October 2013

Despite the advance storm warnings, one can never truly predict how these things will play out, so I hope you're all reading this from somewhere safe and warm today.  On a lighter note, I'm going to get cosy on my sofa and share my idea of a perfect night in.  This is something I will be looking forward to a lot more now that the clocks have gone back and those dark, cold nights are drawing in.

For me, the perfect night in requires some peace and quiet.  Luckily I only have one housemate at the moment (I'm so thankful those early student days of sharing with four other people are behind me - my sincerest sympathies go out to anyone who is currently doing this!), so it's easy enough to schedule some "R 'n' R Me Time".

My Perfect Night In

Step 1
Have a long, hot bath and do some pampering.  This guarantees a good start to practically anything IMO.

Step 2  
Put on your comfiest PJs / onesie / wooly socks, and arrange the area where you're going to be parking your behind for the evening.  

Step 3   
Light your favourite candle.  You guys know that I have a strong affection for Neom candles and I'm currently burning one of their huge 3 wick candles in the scent Real Luxury*.  It just smells gorgeous and fills the whole room with its wonderful Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood blend.

Step 4
Brew a cuppa or make yourself a hot chocolate.  There are few things more comforting than wrapping your hands around a cup and feeling that instant heat warm you up.

Step 5
Grab some snacks.  Obviously I'd say go for something healthy and nutritious, but sometimes only chocolate will do and I have no problem with that!  I'm addicted to those Cadburys Chocolate Pretzels at the moment, nom nom nom!

Step 6
You've got everything else and now you need some entertainment to complete the evening.  Catch up with your favourite TV show (The Walking Dead or The Originals are great, as is my guilty pleasure Awkward), read a book, watch some Youtube videos, read your favourite blogs, play the guitar, draw something - whatever you like, just take the time out to enjoy it.


To celebrate having the Perfect Night In, NEOM Luxury Organics has teamed up with some beautiful brands such as Crumpet Cashmere and Honestly Healthy to launch a very special competition, with 15 prizes each worth over £350 to be won.  To find out more and to enter click here.

What's your idea of The Perfect Night In?

P.S - The winner of the Always Infinity pads is rebeccalouiseee, congrats!
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  1. Sounds pampering x

  2. I love reading a book on a wintery night in. I'd love to try that candle.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Me too, one of the best ways just to relax and forget about the world xx

  3. I adore the Real Luxury Candle. It is such a relaxing scent.

  4. This made me relax while reading it! Now I'm very looking forward to move to the cold Europe and plan some cozy night :)
    The only thing I'd add to that is a nice christmas movie or some Disney movie like Mulan :) Perfect!!

    Flo x

  5. This sounds like a dream night in!

  6. I really must get around to trying a Neom candle x

    1. They are gorgeous! The Travel sized ones are a good way to try the scents :) x

  7. Everything you've mentioned is definitely my ideal night of the perfect evening in, and I always have to have a good cup of tea and a candle burning - it's compulsory :p x

  8. Ah I have this exact candle and OMG it's amazing!!! I'm always too scared to burn it as I want to save it for as long as possible as it's so luxe! Gorgeous photos xx

    1. I know what you mean! I use mine quite sparingly - recently finished the Enchantment one and it lasted absolutely ages xx

  9. The Walking Dead and chocolate covered pretzels sound like good night in to me! Though I would throw in a cuppa too :)


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