Review: Flamingo Candle in Macaroon & Almond (High Tea range)

Sunday 10 August 2014

A picture of Flamingo Candle in Macaroon & Almond from the High Tea range
You may remember that earlier this year, I reviewed a delicious 'Candy Floss' scented candle from the quirky brand, Flamingo Candles.  Well, the same company have recently released an equally delicious sounding range of 'High Tea' scents which include this scrummy Macaroon & Almond flavour.

When I received the new press release for Flamingo Candles' High Tea range, I had a really hard time choosing a scent to review, but in the end my inner sweet tooth won and I chose the delectable Macaroon & Almond scent.

My, oh, my - I don't think I've ever wanted to eat an actual candle before!

The Macaroon & Almond scent is sugary heaven and it smells exactly as its namesake with a marzipan undertone.  Super sweet, nutty, and just delicious.  I was worried initially that it would be too cloying once I'd lit it, but I needn't have feared.  The scent throw is rather subtle and delicate, but there's enough of it to scent a room with a warming, cosy, inviting fragrance which is just what I wanted it to do.  It's the ideal candle to light on a rainy evening like tonight and I know I'm going to enjoy every second of it which is going to be plenty as it burns up to a whopping 50 hours.  Value for money indeed!  

Flamingo Candle in Macaroon & Almond* retails for £12 and is available direct from  Visit the website to check out the rest of the yummy High Tea range which includes scents such as Lemmon Curd, Blackcurrant Jam, Earl Grey & Cucumber etc, delicious!

Have you tried anything from Flamingo Candles?

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