5 Mini Reviews: Korres, Ginvera, Melvita, Clinique & Liz Earle

Thursday 22 January 2015

5 Mini Reviews: Korres, Ginvera, Melvita, Clinique & Liz Earle
I had a little clearout of my travel bag earlier and discovered a handful of sample empties left over from around the Christmas period.  All skincare this time - here are my thoughts!

(1)  Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask
My skin, like a lot of people's, can look quite dull in winter so I often reach for brightening treatments to help perk it up.  This one from Korres was amazing!  It gave me an instant 'glow from within' and felt really hydrating too.  A fab quick fix.
Repurchase the full size?  Hell yes!

(2)  Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel
I'd been wanting to try this out for such a long time and finally picked up some samples of this much hyped exfoliating gel.  It's great for getting rid of dead skin and declogging pores, leaving the skin looking revitalised and clearer.
Repurchase the full size?  On my list.

(3)  Melvita Fresh Eye Contour Gel
Got this with a Naturisimo order and liked it, but didn't love it.  It's OK, smells great and feels hydrating under the eyes, but I didn't notice any difference with reducing puffiness like I have with other similar products.
Repurchase the full size? No.

(4)  Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover
I've used so many mini bottles of this stuff as it's perfect for travelling with.  It feels like water and gets rid of even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup in a swipe or two of a soaked cotton pad. 
Repurchase the full size?  I really want to try the balm version of this so I'm likely to try that first.

(5)  Liz Earle Intensive Nourishment Treatment Mask  
A soothing and hydrating mask that does exactly what it says on the label.  It feels so gentle and moisturising, so it's one I would slap on when my skin is freaking out and needs to be calmed down. An excellent staple to have in your stash.
Repurchase the full size?  Definitely would.

Have you tried any of these?

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  1. I love these mini reviews. The Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel is on my list to purchase the full size too.

  2. I haven't tried any of these before but I need a new face mask, and the ones by Liz Earle and Korres sound amazing! xx


    1. They are both awesome, I'd definitely recommend trying them out! xx

  3. Great round-up, love seeing mini reviews and what's worth purchasing :) x


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