High-End Beauty: Claudia Louch High Definition Liquid Foundation & Mineral Loose Powder - Review & Swatches

Thursday 5 February 2015

Claudia Louch High Definition Liquid Foundation in N45 & Mineral Loose Powder in N5
Claudia Louch's high-end, natural skincare range have been mentioned on here before and as I've had some good results from a couple of her products, I was keen to try out something from her new makeup line which she added late last year.

There are currently 6 products in Claudia Louch's cosmetics range, all of which fit in her with natural holistic ethos, so everything is natural, plant and / or mineral based, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and free from harsh chemicals such as parabens and SLS.  With this in mind, it's worth noting that the range is a luxury, premium line with high-end prices to reflect this, so I'd say that this brand would be suitable for beauty fans who are looking for natural alternatives to the likes of Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior, NARS etc.
Claudia Louch High Definition Liquid Foundation in N45
 Claudia Louch High Definition Liquid Foundation* (20ml, £52.50, link)

High-def foundations are everywhere these days thanks to our selfie and Youtube obsessed culture, but I haven't tried any from the green beauty world until now.  Claudia Louch's High Definition Liquid Foundation offers medium to full coverage depending on how you layer it and it blends beautifully.  I've used this with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (as shown) with great results being achieved by both.  The texture feels much lighter than other mainstream HD foundations that I've tried, which I definitely prefer, and it has a slightly 'traditional foundation scent' to it but it quickly dissipates once you blend it in.  

This foundation covers blemishes, redness, and evens out skin tone like a dream so it's super easy to get that flawless finish and I didn't need to use any extra concealer at all.  I've found it to be very long lasting for a 94% natural foundation (around 8 hours, going up to 12 hours with a primer underneath) and it wears very well throughout the day.  I do have to powder my t-zone around noon as I have oily/combination skin so that's something to consider if you're the same, and I'd say oily skintypes would have to use this with a mattifying powder or setting spray.  Given the hefty pricetag, this isn't a foundation that I could afford to use everyday, but for special occasions and those times when you want to look 100% amazing, it gets the job done.

Pros: Medium to full coverage, perfect for Selfies / Youtube / HD cameras.  94% natural formula with no 'nasties'. Gives a beautiful, flawless finish.  

Cons: Available in only 6 shades currently.  Expensive.  Small 20ml size.
Claudia Louch Mineral Loose Powder in N5
Claudia Louch Mineral Loose Powder* (15g, £47.50, link

This mineral loose powder can be used either on its own for a light coverage or on top of your regular foundation to absorb excess oils, reduce shine and to set your makeup.  It's currently available in 8 different shades comes in a black plastic pot with a sifter.  Whilst the sifter is good for dispensing the power into the lid, there's no lock or cover, so it can get a little messy to use.

The powder itself though is fantastic; it's finely milled, gives a lovely soft silk like finish to the skin and there's enough pigmentation to wear this on its own for 'no makeup makeup' days.  It does help to reduce some shine, but I wouldn't really call it a mattifying powder as I don't think it would be strong enough for very oily skin.  It's great as setting powder though.

Pros: 94% natural formula.  Multi-purpose, can be used alone for light coverage or over makeup as a setting powder.  Gives a lovely silk like finish to the skin.

Cons: No lock or cover on sifter so can be a little messy to use.  Expensive.
Claudia Louch High Definition Liquid Foundation in N45 & Mineral Loose Powder in N5
Swatches! Claudia Louch High Definition Liquid Foundation in N45 & Mineral Loose Powder in N5

Have you tried anything from Claudia Louch?

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  1. I love mineral powder. I would definitely consider this. But I have so many foundations to get through first!


    1. Mineral powders are awesome, I couldn't live without them!

  2. Great review! I've never tried any HD foundations, but it's alwasy good to know that some "cleaner" alternatives are available :) xx

  3. This foundation is the only one I have right now without SPF, so I've been using it when I know photos are being taken! I need to apply a few light layers though to get the coverage I want xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

    1. I keep making that mistake with SPF foundations - need to keep this one in my bag I think! xx


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