Celebrating Earth Day 2015 with Aveda's Light The Way Candle

Wednesday 22 April 2015

In case you didn't know, today is Earth Day, a symbolic day of appreciation for our planet. My inbox has been inundated with lots of press releases revolving around Earth Day, but the one that I wanted to share is Aveda's Light The Way project with the Global Greengrants Fund.

One of the many things that I take for granted living in the UK, is the readily available access to clean, running water.  As I study an Environmental Sciences module as part of my degree, this message has really been hammered into to me, so I'm always happy to promote campaigns that support access to clean water.

Aveda have a very special Limited Edition Candle called 'Light The Way' which they sell to help support the Global Greengrants Fund, an essential project that provides access to clean water in communities around the world.  Aveda will be donating 100% of the RRP of this candle to the fund, and since 2006, they have managed to raise a staggering $9 million through sales of the candle alone!

The Light The Way Candle retails for £16, and one purchase can provide one year's worth of drinking water for a person living in Madagascar.  That's pretty amazing that just £16 can give someone such an essential lifeline!  

The Candle itself is made from 100% naturally derived soy and plant waxes so it burns cleanly without any black smoke or toxins.  It's formulated with 100% certified organic essential oils, including Vanilla, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang which are sourced from Madagascar.  The scent is really lovely - think spicy with a underlying sweetness, very different to anything I've got on the go at the moment.

Aveda's Light The Way Candle* (100g) retails for £16, burns for around 27 hours and is available from aveda.com and selected Aveda stockists.  This is a PR sample but I have donated the equivalent to Water Aid who carry out similar projects :) 

Will you be celebrating Earth Day today?

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  1. Wow, what a product with a difference :) I'll be looking into this as thanks to you, I'm all aboard the candle bandwagon!

    I love how you donated the equivalent to Water Aid :)

    Dannie x


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