Tried & Tested: dr. skin's Suncare Lotion SPF 30 and Sun Drink review

Wednesday 8 April 2015's Suncare Lotion SPF 30 and Skin Protection Drink review
The sun has finally come out to play, so it's a good time to throw out any old expired sunscreen from last year and pick up a new bottle.  I've been trialling these products from dr. skin's Sun Care Concept range recently which include a SPF 30 Lotion and an interesting 'Sun Drink'.

dr. skin's is a German brand that advocates using a topical sun protection cream in conjunction with a specially formulated 'Sun Drink' to protect the skin inside and out. There are similar products I've seen on the market and with the rise of drinks with skincare added benefits, I'm sure we'll see even more launched in no time at all.  I was kindly sent a 5 day trial of dr. skin's Sun Drink and their Suncare Lotion SPF 30 to try out.

dr. skin's Suncare Lotion SPF 30* (100ml, link)
Light and easily absorbed, this Suncare Lotion boasts Aloe Vera as it's first ingredient which means that it's ultra soothing and hydrating on the skin, locking in all that vital moisture that the sun likes to take out.  It protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and with its SPF 30 factor, I'd say it's a good all rounder for everyday.  I've used this on my face as it doesn't feel greasy and I haven't experienced any breakout issues so far.  I was in the sun for most of the bank holiday weekend and I can happily report that I didn't have any sunburn thanks to this product, plus my skin felt a lot less drier than it normally is.'s Suncare Lotion SPF 30 and Skin Protection Drink review
dr. skin's Sun Drink* (5 x 60ml bottles, £11.90, link)
The Sun Drink is an additional product that you can use alongside your topical sun protection lotion/cream.  Just a heads up that this isn't a replacement for your sunscreen!  With that out of the way, I was curious to see what Sun Drink was all about.  It's basically a fortified Orange juice drink that's packed full of Vitamins, Minerals and secondary Plant Compounds such as Lycopene and Beta Carotene.  The idea behind it is that these nutrients penetrate the skin's layers and help to protect them against the damage that the sun can cause, so it's like an extra level of help from the inside.  The drink tastes just like regular Orange Juice and it's recommended to take one bottle a day for at least 4 weeks before, during and after sun exposure for extra anti-aging protection.

For more information and stockists, visit

Would you try a Sun Drink with your regular sunscreen?

P.S The winners of the HAND giveaway are Lucy Green and Sandra Beauty Balm - congratulations! I've messaged you both :)

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  1. Interesting post, I haven't heard of this brand yet. I find this post informative. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I don't think I would pay that price for fortified orange juice. I think I would look at what multivitamins would give a similar benefit x

    1. I agree, it would probably work out cheaper to purchase a good quality organic orange juice and a multi-vitamin supplement instead x


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