Worth The Hype: Oskia Perfect Cleanser, Bedtime Beauty Boost & Renaissance Mask review

Sunday 23 August 2015

Oskia Perfect Cleanser, Bedtime Beauty Boost & Renaissance Mask review
Oskia are one of those luxury brands who have successfully managed to gain a strong following in both the green beauty and high-end/mainstream circles.  Their products have been mentioned countless times by supermodels, actresses and skincare gurus, so I was very excited to try out this trio of their bestsellers.

For those new to Oskia, they are an award winning, British, high-end, luxury skincare brand whose USP (unique selling point) is based around incorporting MSM into their formulas. MSM is a naturally occurring form of sulplhur (often called the 'Beauty Mineral') which has been shown to have highly effective anti-aging properties and all of their products are created from 98% natural or nature-identical ingredients.
Oskia Perfect Cleanser, Bedtime Beauty Boost & Renaissance Mask review
Oskia Perfect Cleanser (full size is 125ml for £32.50, link)
It's something of a grand and bold gesture to call your cleanser 'perfect', but this is not an unjustified claim.  Oskia have somehow crafted one of the best cleansing balms that I've ever had the pleasure of using and trust me when I say I have tried a lot of them over the years.  What sets this one apart from the rest is based mostly on how it made my skin feel after use; balanced, incredibly silky soft and thoroughly cleansed without any dryness or tightness.  It's a buttery thick balm and you massage just a small amount onto dry skin, adding a little water for it to emulsify into a milky cleanser.  Easy to rinse off, doesn't sting my eyes and is just a gorgeous cleansing balm.

Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost (full size is 50ml for £74, link)
Bedtime Beauty Boost is Oskia's premium wonder night cream.  Packed with key ingredients such as MSM, Milk Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells and Vitamins B3 and E, it's primary aim is to help prevent premature ageing.  Being in my mid-twenties, I can't really comment on this side of things, but I can say that my skin felt wonderfully hydrated and looked more glowy and brighter in the morning.  If you are looking for a natural alternative to say for an example, an Estee Lauder night cream, then this may be one to try out.

Oskia Renaissance Mask (full size is 50ml for £48.50, link)
I am obsessed with face masks, so I was delighted to discover Oskia's Renaissance Mask which is an amazing product for many reasons.  It's a nutri-active brightening and cleansing mask that uses fruit enzymes, AHAs, MSM and lactic acids to increase cell turnover.  In a nutshell, if your skin is feeling congested, looking dull or you're just under the weather / having a stressful week, this is the mask to reach for.  It's got a light gel like texture that turns into a white cream when applied to the face and gets to work in just 10 minutes.  After only the first use, I noticed that my skin looked a lot brighter, like it was more reviatlised and awake, plus it looked clearer too as it does an excellent job of clearing blocked pores.  This will be something that I'll certainly be saving up for in the future!

I was kindly given these special 15ml glass jar samples by Naturisimo* to review - full sizes of the products can be purchased on their website naturisimo.com and they offer free worldwide shipping.  Use the code 'SAVE' to get 10% off your whole order!

Have you tried any skincare from Oskia?

P.S Congratulations to Tracey P. who has won my Bakerdays cake giveaway! I've contacted you via Twitter :)

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  1. Huge Oskia fan. I'm actually having an Oskia facial next Friday - can't wait! x

    1. Oh how amazing! Looking forward to hearing about it :) x

  2. Absolutely, it's such a fantastic mask!

  3. I'd be interested to try these. I've tried products wit MSM and they always work pretty well x

    1. They are so good, definitely worth a try! x


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