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Thursday 3 September 2015

tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara review
My beauty wish list is as long as my arm (OK, maybe several arms) and it sometimes takes me quite a while to tick everything off it. This might explain why I’ve never properly tried anything out from tarte, a high-end and natural based brand who I really should be raving about constantly. To remedy this, I finally picked up their much loved Lights, Camera Lashes mascara to have a play with and to see for myself what all the fuss was about.
tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara review
When you think of tarte, you probably immediately think of their 12-hour Amazonian Clay blush, which I have been lusting over for a long time. But for a change, I decided that I really didn’t need any more blushers in my immediate collection, so instead opted to try out tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara because I’ve heard so many positive things about it.  I purchased a travel size version from a US seller as QVC were temporarily out of stock when I wanted to buy it, and I love how perfectly formed it is.  The packaging is really cool with a textured animal print all over the tube, and it features a traditional brush style wand.
tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara review
Aesthetics aside, I was drawn in by this mascara because it claims to be a 4 in 1 multi-tasker, in that it promises to lengthen, curl, volumize and condition the lashes whilst you wear it. I’ve put these all to the test and can say the following: 
  1. It absolutely lengthens my lashes like a dream! They look so much longer that I had a friend ask if I’d gotten lash extensions when she saw me.
  2. It holds a curl beautifully and does so all day until you want to take it off.
  3. It volumizes really well, though I’d say I see a more noticeable lengthening effect happening with my lashes as opposed to seeing mega volume (but it’s certainly still there).
  4. It does make your lashes feel like they’ve been conditioned thanks to the added olive ester extracts in the formula – they look more glossy to me when I take this off.
All in all, I seriously love this mascara right now and I feel like it’s in my personal top 5 best mascaras ever. It does all the above and it doesn’t smudge, flake or apply in clumps either.  So happy that I finally gave it a go!

Have you tried anything from tarte? 
What are your favourite products from them?

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  1. Oooo!! I've always wanted to give this mascara a shot but I've held back from trying many popular mascaras from sephora since I've got a holy grail for years which nothing has surpassed yet. Love how natural, thick and defined it makes your lashes look!

    1. It's amazing, I love it - definitely worth a try! x

  2. This looks gorgeous! One of my favourite mascaras ever is too faced better than sex and this looks like it could be similar! xxx

    Karan|| studentbeautyhack


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