The 20 Minute Green Beauty Pamper with Aloree, Weleda & Khadi (no bath needed!)

Tuesday 15 September 2015

A Mini Green Beauty Pamper with Aloree, Weleda & Khadi
Pampering sessions need not be two-hour affairs (although that is my idea of heaven on earth!) - instead, you can feel relaxed and re-energised in just 20 minutes with the right products.

Step 1: The Balancing Ayurvedic Shampoo - Khadi Hibiscus Shampoo* (210ml, £11.89, link)
If your hair and scalp is like mine and reacts to the change of weather and/or stressful times, a re-balancing shampoo can do it a world of good. I've seen Khadi mentioned quite a lot recently on various green beauty blogs so I was keen to try them out for myself. Their Hibiscus shampoo helps to reduce scalp inflammation, balance sebum production and it also softens and gently conditions hair too. It has a pleasant but very herbally Lavender scent which I find relaxing and it's free from sulfates, alcohol, silicones, mineral oils, artificial fragrance and colours. The formula is primarily a herbal infusion in a mild coconut cleanser base and it does an excellent job at cleaning my hair and re-balancing my scalp when it's feeling irritated. I'd recommend double washing with this and only using a small amount each time. It's a bit of a trial and error getting the amount right as too much can make your hair look greasy and too little can leave it too dry, so play around with it - the results are worth it! 

Step 2: The Energising Shower Gel - Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel* (200ml, £7.95, link)
Released last month, this is one of Weleda's newest products and the first time they have created a shower gel. I was given this in my goody bag from the Weleda Insight Day that I attended back in June so I've managed to properly test this out over the past two months. It has a lovely uplifting scent thanks to essentials oils such as Lavender and Rosemary, and I always feel more 'alive' after I've used it - a good one to reach for when you need a pick me up or after a sweaty session at the gym.

Step 3: The 10 Minute Quick Fix Face Mask - Aloree Skin Rescue Radiant Face Mask* (50ml, £24, link)
A quick fix, multi-tasking face mask is a must in my skincare stash and this one from french natural brand Aloree gets to work in just 10 minutes. It's 100% natural and 90% of those ingredients are certified organic. Packed full of Aloree's unique Chlorophyll Complex which is derived from young Barley Shoots that help to protect the skin against free radicals, and a regenerating complex of Sunflower Seed, Grape and Olive oils to give the skin a much-needed moisture boost. This face mask feels hydrating and purifying whilst leaving my complexion looking brighter and clearer. I imagine that this would be suitable for most skin types, including sensitive, as it's feels very gentle on but certainly packs a punch. 

Have you tried any of these?
What are your favourite quick pampering products?

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  1. Nice selection! I know Aloree but never tried it. The mask sounds quite effective! x

    1. Thanks Audrey! This is the first time I've tried anything from them as I'm guessing they're more well known in their homeland and mainland Europe than here in the UK? I'm really impressed with the mask! x

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    Thanks for the idea of re-balancing shampoo. Just like you my hair reacts to changes of weather / stress too! I might go out and search for a re-balancing shampoo in the next few days :) Thanks for the enlightenment!

    Please also check out my recent post if you have time :)
    Recent Post : Fragrance Picks for sunny days

    1. No problem, happy to share and thanks for reading Yuri! :) xx


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