Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 3 Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers from Adagio Teas

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Adagio Teas review
Fellow tea lovers unite! Here are three easy gift ideas from the online artisan experts, Adagio Teas, which will bring a smile to anyone who appreciates a good quality cuppa with a twist.

Adagio Teas review
Adagio Teas review
 Gift Idea for the Festive Tea Drinker: Adagio Teas Holiday Cheer Gift Set* (£10, link)

What could be more Christmassy than a sampler set of six different teas in holiday appropriate flavours? Each reusable tin comes in cute festive packaging and bears loose leaf black tea in the following flavours; Gingerbread, Candy Apple, Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, Chestnut and Candy Cane. Yum! I've tested each of these out myself and they are all delicious, but Gingerbread and Candy Cane are particularly amazing. Also, if loose tea isn't your thing, you can pick up the same sampler set but with tea bags instead.
Adagio Teas review
Adagio Teas review
 Gift Idea for Tea Lovers Looking For Something Different: Adagio Teas Sampler Packs* (prices from £1.25, link)

Adagio Teas specialise in stocking a frankly huge range of teas, from everyday known favourites like English Breakfast and Earl Grey to the exotic and unusual such as Black Dragon Pearls and Pu Erh Tahiti - there truly is something for everyone.  Each tea is available as a sampler pack (makes around 10 cups depending on the blend etc) which is a great way to try something different. I've been experimenting with a couple and have discovered the wonders of Spiced Apple Chai and Coconut to name but a few. You could also pick up a few samplers and use them as stocking fillers!
Adagio Teas review
Adagio Teas review
 Gift Idea for Loose Tea Fans: Adagio Teas ingenuiTEA* (£16, link)

In addition to their large range of teas, Adagio also sell a great selection of teaware and one of their bestsellers is called ingenuiTEA. Made of heat resistant BPA-free plastic, this teapot is the perfect solution for brewing 1-2 cups of loose tea. 

To use, you simply add your chosen tea leaves and hot water into the teapot and allow it to brew for your desired time. Once it's brewed to perfection, place the teapot onto your favourite mug and the clever valve at the bottom will release the tea, catching all of the leaves in its inbuilt mesh filter. To clean, just throw away (or better yet, compost) your tea leaves, and wash by hand or pop it whole into your dishwasher.
Adagio Teas review
Adagio Teas review
I've been using this for well over a month now and it's one of the products that you think 'how on earth did I live without this before?!'. I was a little sceptical about it being made of plastic at first, but it works just the same as it would if it were glass and I don't have to worry about breaking it if I happen to drop it. The mesh filter works superbly and I have yet to find a single tea leave in any cuppa I've made with it. It's genius!

To purchase any of these products above, and to find out more about Adagio Teas, check out their website here.

Have you tried anything from Adagio Teas? 

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  1. Looks brilliant! Love the pot! x

    1. It's so good! I'm definitely going to be purchasing a few to give as gifts! x


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