Tried & Tested: Pinks Boutique Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Renewal Eye Cream review

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Pinks Boutique Ultimate Renewal Eye Cream review
Pinks Boutique are one of my favourite British natural/green brands for luxury pampering products, but I feel that their skincare is incredibly underrated on the blogosphere. To remedy this, I wanted to shine my reviewing spotlight onto their new eye cream.

I'm always hesitant to review eye creams because they rarely give you instant results. With this in mind, I tend to use them as part of my overall skincare routine and see them more of a preventative measure in a hopeful bid to slow down the formation of any future fine lines. Despite being twenty-something, I do have some fine lines under my eyes (most likely as a result of never seeming to get enough sleep and our 21st century's obsession with staring at screens every waking hour!), and I'd like to do what I can to reign them in somewhat. In addition, I need an eye cream that will moisturise my dry undereye area and help to brighten up my dark circles.

What is it?
Pinks Boutique Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Renewal Eye Cream promises to be "the ultimate anti-oxidant eye cream to reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines, leaving the eye area smooth and firm." It's formulated with anti-inflammatory soothing botanical extracts which help to relieve sore and irritated eyes, protecting them from environmental stresses. 

Key ingredients include Buriti Fruit Oil (from the Amazon Rainforest, this is the richest source of beta-carotene which is known to protect against sun damage and helps maintain elasticity and firmness), Pomegranate (rich in antioxidants which fight against free radicals that cause premature aging), Baobab (superfruit antioxidant with high levels of Vitamin C to fight free radicals), Vitamin E and Arnica Montana (calms the skin and helps to reduce dark circles).

I've been using this once a day, in the evenings, for almost a month now. The cream is neither thick nor thin (just the right consistency) and is purposefully fragrance-free which my sensitive eyes are thankful for. It absorbs into the skin well, though I did find it takes a little more patting in if the bottle is super-cold, so I now warm it between my palms before applying. I didn't notice any immediate changes in the first week or so, but after using on a regular basis, I have started to see a little difference in that my undereye looks a tiny bit lighter and brighter than it once was. Not hugely so, but enough for me to see a small difference anyway. My undereye area does feel slightly firmer too, but I have yet to see any changes in the appearance of my fine lines. On the moisturisation front, this eye cream hydrates like a dream - I don't think my undereye area has ever felt this smooth which does mean that my concealer applies much easier the following morning.

Only time will tell if this has any effect on my fine lines, so keep an eye out for a future empties post. In the meantime, if you're looking for a new natural, high-quality, organic eye cream and you're feeling spendy or know a generous Santa, this is certainly one to try out. Despite using it for a month, it still looks nearly full in my bottle, so this will last you absolutely ages!

Pinks Boutique Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Renewal Eye Cream* (15ml, £56) is available from who offer free worldwide shipping.

Have you tried anything from Pinks Boutique?

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  1. This is so nifty! I have never come across this brand before.
    I've been using vitamin E oil on my face for a couple of months now in the evenings only. I've accidentally discovered that it really helps with under eye issues! My eyelashes are also the longest they've ever been, so this was another wonderful/accidental discovery!

    A Northern Light

    1. I need to give your Vitamin E tip a go on my lashes then!


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