Tried & Tested: Ecocare Organic Facial Wipes review

Thursday 26 May 2016

Ecocare Organic Facial Wipes review
Face wipes are not the first thing that spring to mind when I think of eco-friendly / green beauty, however, there are some on the market which not only boast great organic based formulas, but they're fully biodegradable too. Case in point - these ones from Ecocare Organic.

Regular readers will know that I rarely feature or review face wipes on here. They're not something that I use on a daily basis as part of my skincare routine, though I do appreciate how useful they are for certain situations, especially when travelling or dealing with late nights. With holiday and festival season upon us, I wanted to try out some face wipes which were natural based, and also biodegradable so Ecocare Organic immediately ticked all of the right boxes for me! 

This cruelty-free brand are based in Australia, however, their products are made here in the UK. They currently specialise just in facial wipes which are created with gentle all natural ingredients (no parabens, chlorine, SLS, alcohol, sulphates etc) of which 95% are organic, and the wipes themselves are made from 100% certified organic cotton. I've tested out the two variants of wipes that they make, and I like them both for different reasons.

Ecocare Organic Facial Wipes in Apple & Honey* (for combination skin) - these ones are formulated with the juice of four Apples to cleanse away oily buildup and makeup, Honey to provide hydration, and Green Tea for antioxidant benefits. They feel really refreshing on the skin and do a great job of eliminating excess sebum and general daily gunk, but they struggled with removing heavy foundation and waterproof mascara. They didn't sting around the eyes though which is always a good point! The wipes are a generous size so I found I only needed to use one to do a good quick cleanse.

Ecocare Organic Facial Wipes in Rose & Chamomile* (for dry skin) - in comparison, these are targeted towards those with drier skin types, but I got on well with them because I found they removed my makeup a lot better than the Apple & Honey ones, though it was still a battle when it comes to waterproof and stubborn mascaras. They felt wonderfully soothing on the skin thanks to the blend of Rose essential oils, Chamomile and Green Tea in the formula, and left my face feeling as soft as a baby's bum afterwards!

Well worth picking up if you have a holiday / flight / festival or camping trip coming up, or if you're a regular face wipes fan and want to switch to something that's better for your skin and the environment. I would recommend them more for a quick cleanse than a makeup remover though!

Ecocare Organic Facial Wipes* (25 wipes per pack, £4.90 each) are available from who offer free worldwide shipping.

Do you use face wipes?

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