High-End Makeup: What To Try from Giorgio Armani Beauty

Monday 27 March 2017

High-End Makeup: What To Try from Armani Beauty
Whilst his clothes may be currently out of my price bracket, Mr. Armani's makeup range is certainly one to look into if you fancy treating yourself to some new high-end goodies. Here are some of my top picks that I'd recommend trying from Giorgio Armani Beauty.
Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer SPF 50 PA+++
 Primers: Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer SPF 50 PA++* (30ml, £42, link)

For those looking for a primer that has additional skincare and sunscreen benefits, this is the primer for you. This all-in-one product offers a high level of sun protection in the form of SPF 50 PA++, yet feels ultra-light in texture with absolutely no stickiness or greasy feeling afterwards. You have to shake the bottle before applying it to mix the product, and it comes out sort of like a traditional serum via a dropper applicator. I find that one-to-two drops are sufficient to cover the whole of my face, so a bottle will (thankfully!) last a long time. It absorbs easily, feels hydrating, helps to get rid of any pesky dry patches that foundation seems to want to cling to/settle in, and makes my pores look smaller - amazing stuff indeed! I know a couple of friends and bloggers who also swear by this who have different skin types to mine (I'm combination/oily for reference), so it seems to work well for pretty much everyone!
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
 Foundations: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation* (30ml, £40, link

Armani's foundations are simply exceptional; they're up there with the best from Chanel and I've found myself using Luminous Silk the most, in the shade 4 (I believe there are over 20 shades to choose from).  This is one of the best high-end foundations to try if you have combination/oily skin that wants to look glowy, but not greasy. It has an oil-free formula that gives you a semi-matte, almost satin but dewy finish (somewhere between the two), and it really does have such a lovely silky texture when you apply it to the skin. I love the easy-to-build and non-cakey formula, as you can control how much you want to use for the coverage that you need, and it doesn't oxidise on me throughout the day. Although I mainly use this with the primer above for the best results, it does also look fantastic when worn on its own and it photographs beautifully.  Great coverage with a gorgeous flawless finish and a healthy looking glow - what's not to love?!
Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro
 Multi-Purpose: Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro* (5g, £28, link)

It's a lot easier justifying an expensive beauty spend when it's on a product that can be used in multiple ways. Sadly though, many multi-purpose makeup products just don't live up to their claims or are products that you only tend to use in one way regardless (I'm looking at you cheek and lip tints - does anyone actually ever use those on their lips?!). Thankfully, Armani's Eye & Brow Maestros are something that I do use for more than one purpose because their waxy, creamy, longlasting formulas are just so damn good. Depending on the shade that you pick, you can use these as eyeliners, brow colours, eyeshadows, and they'll even cover up greys in your hair! I have two of these that I use a lot, Black and Wenge Wood, both of which I blend together for a great brow colour, and they work really well as eyeliners too.
Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani 103
 Lipsticks: Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani* (4.2g, £28, link)

If you're splashing out on a luxury, high-end lipstick, you need it to tick two key boxes and the Rouge d'Armani lipsticks definitely do that with ease. Firstly, they need to have drop-dead gorgeous, envy-inducing packaging and Armani's sleek, gloss black curved tubes with their iconic logo and that immensely satisfying, clickety-click magnetic closing are a first class winner. Secondly, the lipstick needs to have a great formula - pretty packaging is great but no one likes style over substance when it comes to dropping your hard earned cash on makeup. The formula of the Armani Rouge d'Armani lipsticks offer a glossy finish with hydration, comfort and longer lasting performance when compared to similar products. As these are creamy and moisturising, they naturally won't last as long as matte or heavy formulas, but I can get at least 3-4 hours of wear out of these before I need a touch up which is pretty impressive. They don't have any offensive scent or taste to them (I really dislike a lot of designer lipsticks that taste like perfume - yuck) and the shade range has a lot of beautiful classic colours in it. My favourite shade is this one pictured which is 103 - the perfect pinky-nude for me.   
Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric
 Blushers: Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric* (4g, £35, link

Powder blushers are something that it's easy to go overboard with when you're applying them, and as the Russian Doll look isn't what I'm usually going for, I tend to favour sheerer blushers over super highly pigmented ones. Armani do a fab range of blushers called Cheek Fabrics which are basically sheer, easy to wear blushers that are perfect for everyday. In the pan and on the skin, they're incredibly silky soft and smooth and you absolutely can't go wrong with applying them, even if you're a makeup novice.  All I need to do is dab a brush in, sweep onto my cheeks and I'm good to go - I barely need to do any blending and the brush always seems to pick up just the right amount of product every time. It lasts well throughout the day and has a lovely glow to it. The shade that I use the most is called '306 Attitude' - one of those great all-rounder pinky peach blushers that I love so much. These blushers are expensive yes, but they're the best fuss-free blushers you're likely to ever find!
Giorgio Armani Eye Tints
Eye Tints: Giorgio Armani Eye Tints* (6.5ml, £28, link)

Originally, I was only going to feature five main products in this post but I quickly realised that I couldn't miss out the Armani's Eye Tints, as I've recommended them to so many people. Eye Tints are liquid eyeshadows that pack one hell of a punch in the shimmer department. If you want a proper intense metallic finish, these are the products to pick up! They come in sleek tubes with a doe-foot sponge applicator which makes them easy to apply with just one or two swipes across the lid. Highly pigmented, they have a thin, light and creamy consistency and dry down quickly. I do have to use an eyeshadow base or primer underneath these as I have oily eyelids (most eye products crease on me), but when used with something like Urban Decay Primer Potion, these last all day on me without creasing or fading. I have three of these in my collection in the shades 1 Obsidian (metallic black), 7 Shadow (metallic lavender grey) and 15 Sunset (vibrant metallic purple).  
Giorgio Armani Eye Tints 1 7 15 swatches
Giorgio Armani Eye Tints swatches: 15 Sunset, 1 Obsidian & 7 Shadow

Have you tried anything from Giorgio Armani Beauty?

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  1. I love Maestro, Luminous Silk and the new Power Fabric. Also a fan of the perfumes and lipsticks.

    1. Power Fabric is on my wishlist - really want to try it! x


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