Green Beauty: Trying Out Tropic Makeup - Review & Swatches

Thursday 6 April 2017

Tropic Makeup - Review & Swatches
Tropic do some amazing cruelty-free, vegan skincare and pampering products, but what's their makeup range like? I've been testing out a couple of pieces from them over the past month, and [spoiler alert] it's pretty damn good! These are my favourites from what I've tried so far.
Tropic Sculpting Palette in Vintage Rose review
Tropic Sculpting Palette in Vintage Rose review
 Tropic Sculpting Palette in Vintage Rose* (£24, link)

I can't get enough of these 3-in-1 palettes which seem to be everywhere at the moment. In the green beauty world, it can sometimes be difficult to find some key on-trend products, but Tropic have got this one nailed! The slim, matte black compact fits nicely in my hand and when you open it up, you'll find a large mirror and three pans of powder products; a bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter - all of which are enriched with Vitamin C, Carrot and Pomegranate Seed Oils.

This sculpting palette is available in three different colourways, and I decided to try out the one called Vintage Rose which I've really been enjoying using lately. All of the powders are finely milled, silky soft, nicely pigmented, easy to blend and work with, and I love all three of them! The bronzer is a warm and flattering walnut brown which is great for contouring with; the blusher is a gorgeous peachy, dusky pink that brightens up the whole of my face instantly, and the gold-toned highlighter adds that finishing touch to make the tops of the cheeks 'pop', but in a subtle, glowy way. A great product to have in your makeup bag, and one that comes in handy for travelling with.
Tropic Sculpting Palette in Vintage Rose review swatches
Tropic Sculpting Palette in Vintage Rose swatches
Tropic Colour Click Lipstick in Peach Perfect review
 Tropic Colour Click Lipstick in Peach Perfect* (£14, link)

Whenever I try a new makeup brand, I always have to see what their lipsticks are like. Tropic's Colour Click Lipsticks come in that addictive and satisfying 'clickety click' packaging (seriously, I can't stop playing with it), which ensures that the lid isn't going to fall off in your handbag. There are currently seven shades available and I couldn't resist playing it safe and opting for a peachy pink.

This shade is called Peach Perfect, but it definitely leans more pink than peach on my lips as you can see below. It's one of those pretty, everyday shades that you can reach for when you're in a rush in the morning and don't have the time to scour through your lippie collection. It's lovely and moisturising thanks to ingredients such as Camelia, Jojoba, Avocado and Argan Oils in the formula, and it applies smoothly. It doesn't last that long on me because it's so creamy, but it's an excellent choice for anyone who has dry lips and needs a more nourishing lipstick.
Tropic Colour Click Lipstick in Peach Perfect review swatches
Tropic Colour Click Lipstick in Peach Perfect swatch
Tropic Lip Glaze in Pink Champagne review
Tropic Lip Glaze in Pink Champagne* (£14, link)

As we're well and truly into Spring now, I've been reaching for a few more lip glosses and I was excited to try one from Tropic because their Lip Glazes won a Green Parent Natural Beauty Award in the Best Buy category last year. Whilst there are only three shades currently available in the main collection, you can also pick up Limited Edition sets with other colours in them, but to try them out, I went for Pink Champagne from the permanent line.

Pink Champagne is a sheer nude gloss with some subtle shimmer that gives you a super shiny finish. Texture wise, it applies smoothly and has a slight tackiness to it, which keeps it on the lips longer than most other natural lipglosses that I've tried, but it's certainly not obnoxiously sticky or anything like that. It tastes a little fruity and contains Vitamin E, Wild Mango Butter and Strawberry extracts to keep lips feeling more moisturised. I love dabbing a bit of this in the middle of my lower lip to make my lips look fuller or applying it all over for an easy, fuss-free look.
Tropic Silk Lip Liner in Stripped & Silk Gel Liner in Film Noir review
 Tropic Silk Lip Liner in Stripped & Silk Gel Eyeliner in Film Noir (£14 each, link)

I wanted to try some liners and I'm so glad that I did because these are both amazing! The Silk Lip Liner in Stripped is one of those perfect shades that goes with a lot of lipsticks that I wear on a regular basis, and the highly pigmented formula is seriously long-wearing too. I've used it as a normal lip liner and also all over my lips (see the swatch below), and both ways work really well. As the latter, it gives a completely matte, full-coverage finish that stays put for most of the day and only requires a tiny touch up after eating and drinking, although it does feel quite drying. I'd love to see these lip liners available in more shades please Tropic as it's a scandal that there's only this one in the makeup range!

The Silk Gel Eyeliner in Film Noir is equally impressive with a highly-pigmented, bold black finish. Like the lip liner, the eyeliner is also long-wearing and it lasted on me all day without moving or smudging one bit. It applies smoothly like you'd expect from a high-quality gel eyeliner, and it works very well for both tight lining and in the lower waterline. Both of these liners feature a handy built-in, twist-up sharpener so that you don't need to faff around with finding a pencil sharpener.
Tropic Silk Lip Liner in Stripped review swatches
Tropic Silk Lip Liner in Stripped swatch - all over lips

Have you tried out any makeup from Tropic?

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  1. I have only used skincare from this brand & I have been very impressed with the quality of their products & after seeing all the lovely makeup you've been trying from them I am intrigued to try a few bits. The Sculpting Palette looks beautiful

    1. The quality of their makeup is really good too - definitely worth a try! The Scuplting Palette is fab! x

  2. I love Tropic's skincare range but I've never tried any of their make-up before - so tempted by the eyeliner! xx



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