Staying Safe in the Sun: Organic Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin from Green People

Monday 19 June 2017

Staying Safe in the Sun with Green People
As the UK basks in another heatwave this week, take this post as your daily reminder to slap on some much needed SPF so that you can enjoy this beautiful weather safely - you never know when it's going to rain again!

Sunscreen is the most important staple to have by your side during the Summer months. I know it's common sense, but the number of people who I've seen this past weekend who have been really badly sunburnt, makes me realise that it's something that needs to be brought up again and again.

It's not rocket science people - if you're going to be outside at this time of the year, you're going to need some sunscreen! Apply it 30 minutes before going outside, and re-apply it every two hours (or more often if you're swimming or sweating a lot). Simples!

Here are two of my favourite organic and cruelty-free summer skincare essentials from Green People, both of which are ideal for the whole family to use and are especially ideal for anyone who has sensitive skin:- 

Staying Safe in the Sun with Green People

Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF 30* (200ml, £22, link)
If you have sensitive skin, it can be really difficult to find a suitable fragrance free sunscreen that isn't going to irritate it. Luckily, this one from Green People is one of the best that I've tried and it will happily cover any of my eczema prone areas without upsetting my skin - hooray! This natural based formula is 78% organic and provides a protection of SPF 30 against both UVA and UVB rays so that you and your family are fully covered. It applies like a regular body moisturiser and absorbs easily, without any greasy feeling, making this the perfect choice for any fussy kids who might not like the feel of thick or sticky sunscreens on their skin. This is also a great sun lotion for those who suffer from Prickly Heat to try out. I love it!

Green People Hydrating After Sun Soothing Moisturiser* (200ml, £15.95, link)  
Ah, the blissfully cooling benefits of a high-quality after-sun product! These can be a real godsend if you've caught too much sun during the day and Green People's offering is a lovely, non-greasy, ultra-cooling moisturiser that you can use all over the body to reduce peeling as it helps to heal the skin with a range of natural ingredients. Formulated with the likes of Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Myrhh and Mint, this after sun is 94% organic and feels wonderfully refreshing on the skin after a long day in the sun. The big 200ml tube will keep the whole family happy this Summer, and you can use it as a light and fresh body lotion all year round too - win win.

Do you use any products from Green People?

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  1. I've tried sunscreens from Green People in the past and they are pretty good so I am happy to recommend them.


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