Beauty News: DHC Bestsellers now available at Harvey Nichols!

Monday 24 July 2017

Beauty News: DHC Bestsellers now available at Harvey Nichols!
Harvey Nichols' Beauty Stores have turned into a must-visit destination for many beauty fans, and now you can pick up some of DHC's best sellers during your next shopping trip.

DHC, one of Japan's most cult skincare brands that is loved worldwide, has launched an exclusive edit of some their best selling products into eight Harvey Nichols Beauty Stores this month. Here's what you can pick up:-

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil* (70ml, £12.50)
I've used this cleansing oil on and off for years now and it's something that I always have in my skincare stash. It's one of the best cleansing oils that I've used to remove makeup with, as it literally dissolves and melts away all traces, including stubborn waterproof mascara formulas. I love using this as a first cleanse in the evening to completely get rid of any dirt, grime and of course makeup, and as the oil transforms into a milky cleanser when you add water to it, you can get a really good massaging action going on. Afterwards, my skin always feels thoroughly clean and silky soft, so I can't recommend it enough. Apparently, one is sold every 10 seconds somewhere in the world and I can see why!

DHC Lip Cream* (1.5g, £8.75)
Although it's called a lip 'cream', this product is actually an intensely moisturising twist-up lip balm, and it's a fantastic lip balm, to say the least. Enriched with nourishing ingredients such as Aloe, Vitamin E, Lanolin, Beeswax, Olive Oil and Squalene, this lip balm is perfect to use underneath your matte lipsticks and is ideal to swipe on before going to bed so that you can wake up to soft, moisturised lips every morning.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs* (pack of 50, £6.75)
For the ultimate beauty quick fix, these clever little cotton swabs are soaked in 100% Olive Oil and you can use them to clean up and fix any eye makeup mistakes, so you can quickly say goodbye to wonky eyeliner and mascara smudges! The swabs are individually wrapped which means you can pop a few into your handbag, desk drawer at work, flight carry on bag etc, to also use as a cuticle and nail softener whenever you want to.

DHC Oil Blotting Paper* (pack of 100 sheets, £4.50)
Having an oily t-zone means that I always carry a pack of blotting sheets in my handbag, and these ones from DHC are made from natural hemp fibre to fully absorb any excess oil and they will mattify your complexion within seconds. The packaging is super pretty too!

This edit of DHC products are now available at eight Harvey Nichols Beyond Beauty stores, as well as online at

Have you tried any of these from DHC?

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  1. Hello
    Great post!
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. ow exciting that DHC are now in HN - there are so many DHC products that I love. I can't live without the Olive Virgin Oil Swabs and they have saved me from many a beauty mishap. They're so handy to have with you in you makeup bag

    1. The swabs are fantastic aren't they?! So handy! x


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