Tried & Tested: Sephora Sheet Masks review

Monday 11 September 2017

SEPHORA Sheet Masks review
Ask a beauty junkie what their favorite shop is and chances are they'll reply with Sephora. Sadly for us Brits though, the beauty shop of Instagram dreams is unavailable on our home turf, so shopping trips are relegated to risking customs fees by ordering online or hoping that there's a Sephora somewhere on our next holiday trip. Or you could just ask an international friend nicely to pick up some products for you, which is what I tend to do!

Despite Sephora being a total mecca for new beauty finds and brands, I seem to get more excited about trying out their own-brand stuff more than anything else. A year or so ago, I tried one of their Rose Face Masks and instantly fell in love, so I've been dying to try out more of their sheet masks ever since.

Sephora's sheet masks come in a wide variety of different formulas that are targeted at every skin type and concern imaginable, and it's easy to tell them apart by the brightly coloured packaging. Each one has the same 'second skin paper mask' material and gets to work in 15 minutes, it's just the formulas that are different. My friend Ingrid recently came back from France and picked me up a bunch to try which I've been testing out over the past month.

SEPHORA Sheet Masks review
The 'Purple One': Sephora Orchid Face Mask for Anti Aging & Smoothing
Enriched with Orchid Flower Extract, this one is great if you're after a quick fix to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it's also fantastic as an overall moisturising mask thanks to its hydrating and plumping up properties. 

The 'Pale Pink One': Sephora Pearl Face Mask for Perfecting & Brightening
Out of the six masks that I tried, the Pearl Mask was the most disappointing as I didn't see any visible results from it. It contains White Pearl Extract which is meant to brighten and even out skin tone, but I couldn't see any difference after using it. It did feel nice and moisturising though.

The 'Turquoise One': Sephora Algae Mask for Purifying & Detoxing
I really liked this one which is infused with Algae Extract to purify the skin and helps to get rid of any impurities. It's a good one for unclogging pores, so is ideal to reach for if your skin is feeling congested or looking dull.

SEPHORA Sheet Masks review
The 'Green One': Sephora Green Tea Face Mask for Mattifying & Anti-Blemish
If you have oily skin, this Green Tea Mask will help to absorb excess sebum and it will temporarily re-balance and mattify the skin, keeping it shine-free for a couple of hours after use. I didn't see any difference with its supposed effect on blemishes though.

The 'Pink One': Sephora Rose Face Mask for Ultra Moisturising & Brightening
Although I've enjoyed trying out all of the other masks, the Rose one is still my favourite! It's very similar to the Orchid mask as it thoroughly hydrates and plumps up the skin, but this one also has a noticeable brightening effect to it which I just love!

The 'Light Green One': Sephora Avocado Face Mask for Nourishing & Repairing
My second favourite is the Avocado mask which is brilliant for soothing sensitive skin and calming down any redness or irritation. It feels very gentle and moisturising on, and leaves my skin so smooth and soft afterwards.

Sephora sheet masks retail for €3.95 each which is around £3.59 (yeah, thanks Brexit exchange rate!)

Have you tried any of the Sephora sheet masks?

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