Green Beauty: Goodbeing Natural Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle Box - October 2017 review

Friday 27 October 2017

Goodbeing Natural Beauty & Wellness Box - October 2017 review
Natural beauty boxes have really grown in number this year, and I'm now finding myself coming across new ones all the time which is very exciting! My latest discovery is Goodbeing.

Goodbeing are a natural beauty and wellness subscription box based in the US, but they ship to the UK and a number of other countries including Canada, Australia, France and Sweden, to name a few. They offer two different types of monthly boxes; a beauty box and a lifestyle box. The beauty box contains just beauty, whereas the lifestyle box contains a mix of beauty, wellness and lifestyle products. As I love exploring a bit of everything, I decided to try out the Lifestyle option.

When you first sign up to Goodbeing, you fill out a very detailed questionnaire about your beauty requirements such as skin type, hair type, what kind of makeup you like, what you don't like etc, and also about your general lifestyle interests. This allows Goodbeing to personally curate the products that you'll receive in the boxes to your profile, so you'll never receive a moisturiser for dry skin if you have oily skin for example. They are a 'trial and discovery' service, so all of the products are travel and sample sizes, and you'll receive 4-5 products each month, with a combined value of at least $45.

Best of all though - you get to choose 2 of the products yourself! I really love this because it means you get to choose and have a surprise, all in the same box. So to give you an idea of what you can expect from Goodbeing, here's what I received in my October Lifestyle box.

Orglamix Magnetism Eye Primer
Orglamix Magnetism Eye Primer (Full size, RRP $15)

I was pleased to see a selection of makeup available to choose from, and I opted for this Magnetism Eye Primer from Orglamix.  I haven't heard of the brand before, but their American and cruelty-free, and I have to say that this is a pretty decent eye primer for a natural brand. I've been looking for a replacement to my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion for such a long time, and this Orglamix one is the best that I've tried so far. It's not as hardcore strong as UDPP of course, but it keeps my eyeshadow in place for around 6-8 hours, before I start to notice any telltale creasing on my oily lids which isn't bad at all. I'm also impressed that it's full size as I wasn't expecting that!

Everbiotics Synbiotics Supplements

Everbiotics Synbiotics Supplements (5 sticks, RRP $6.83 - full size is 30 sticks for $40.99)

The second product that I chose for this box was a sample pack of Everbiotics Synbiotics supplements. I received 5 of their on-the-go stick sachets which I know will come in handy for travelling and popping into my handbag. This supplement is a synergistic blend of Prebiotics and Probiotics, fortified with Superfoods, to help boost your health. You just need to take one stick a day, which comes in a powder that you can mix into a cold drink. Tastes good!

Modicum No. 3 Essential Serum
Modicum No. 3 Essential Serum (10ml travel size, RRP $25 - full size is 30ml for $65)

Regular readers will know that I love my skincare, so I made sure to fill out all of the details via the online questionnaire about my skin type and the kinds of products that I like. I was happy to see that Goodbeing had noted this and they chose this serum from Modicum for my box. Organic, vegan and cruelty-free, the No. 3 Essential Serum is an 'extracts-based anhydrous formula comprised of highly medicinal and nutritious plants for the skin'. It contains ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil and Rose Damascus, and boasts anti-aging properties, making it suitable for those who are starting to see the first signs of ageing, as well as those who already have wrinkles and fine lines. 

I also like how it's ideal for anyone who has acne, eczema and psoriasis, thanks to the healing benefits of many of the ingredients included in the formula. I've used it three times so far and I love how it absorbs into my skin and makes it feel hydrated and smooth.

Borika Mandarin + Cacao Natural Body Scrub
Borika Mandarin + Cacao Natural Body Scrub (sample pack, RRP $8.95 - full size is $19.95)

The fourth and final product is a sample pack from Borika which was selected for me by the Goodbeing team (perhaps in reference to the fact that I adore pampering products!). This all-natural, organic Mandarin and Cacao Natural Body Scrub has a Brown Sugar base which is infused with Almond Oil, Cacao and Mandarin Oil, and that's it! Simple but effective, it does the job and leaves my whole body feeling revitalised and super smooth - brilliant!

Goodbeing Beauty and Lifestyle Boxes* retail from $9.95 per month, plus shipping. For more info and to sign up, visit

What's your favourite natural beauty box?

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