Introducing: LOWTOXBOX - October 2017 review

Tuesday 7 November 2017

 LOWTOXBOX - October 2017 review
As many of you know, I've been an avid fan of subscription boxes since they emerged onto the market a couple of years ago. Back then, it was near impossible to find a box that catered towards the more eco-conscious, green beauty consumer, but thankfully nowadays there's much more choice on offer! One of my latest discoveries is LOWTOXBOX.

LOWTOXBOX are a subscription box based here in the UK, which has an aim to help people live greener, healthier and more eco-friendly lives. Each month, they'll send you a box with up to 8 handpicked products, and you can expect to receive products that are Organic, Ethical, Vegan, Fairtrade, Cruelty-Free, Healthy, Natural, or Eco-Friendly (many include more than one of these attributes). If that doesn't sound good enough, LOWTOXBOX have also ensured that all of their box packaging is fully recyclable and uses only non-toxic inks, plus they will plant a tree for every box sold to offset the carbon footprint of making the box and delivering it you - how awesome is that?! 

Needless to say, I was very excited to open up their latest box which arrived last week. Here's what I found in the October LOWTOXBOX:-

 Nix and Kix Peach & Vanilla Natural Energy Drink
 Nix and Kix Peach & Vanilla Natural Energy Drink (250ml, RRP £1.25)

For those who are looking for a more natural based energy drink to replace their Redbull habit with, Nix and Kix have a range of refreshing flavours available, including this delicious Peach & Vanilla one. Made from vegan-friendly, all natural ingredients, this drink contains no added sugar and is only 50 calories per can. The natural 'energy' comes from the addition of locally sourced Cayenne Pepper which helps to boost your metabolism, increases your happy endorphin levels and releases energy throughout the day. The Peach & Vanilla flavour is quite subtle in a lightly sparkling drink, and I was surprised by how well the Chilli works with it, but it does!

Eco Strawz Stainless Steel Straw
 Eco Strawz Stainless Steel Straw (RRP £1.49)

Disposable plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems of our time, so I was pleased to see this handy Stainless Steel Straw from Eco Strawz included in the box. Made from high-quality 304-grade, food-safe stainless steel, this straw can be used as a toxic-free, BPA-free, plastic-free alternative to disposable straws, and can be used time and time again. They also make glass, titanium and bamboo straws, so if you're looking for some affordable eco-friendly stocking fillers, be sure to check them out and help everyone to ditch the unnecessary plastic for good.

 FRUU Avocado Lip Balm (RRP £2.99) & Kathy Sue-Ann's Super Nourishing Organic Body Butter with Sweet Orange Oil (50ml, RRP £8)

I've used FRUU Lip Balms before and remember really liking this Avocado one which is made from 100% natural ingredients including Organic Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera. It's cruelty-free, suitable for vegans and has a nourishing formula that's perfect for keeping chapped lips at bay during the Winter months. You can also use it underneath your favourite lipsticks as a primer thanks to its matte finish - perfect!

Kathy Sue-Ann's are a new discovery for me and they are a London based natural and organic skincare company who are cruelty-free and make all of their own products by hand. This travel size tub of their bestselling Nourishing Organic Body Butter has a gorgeous uplifting Sweet Orange scent to it, and feels wonderfully pampering on the skin. Ideal for keeping even the driest of skin types happy.

 Snact Apple & Mango Fruit Jerky (20g, RRP £0.89) & Perkier Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed Quinoa Bar (RRP £0.99)

If you haven't heard of Snact before, they're a fantastic company who only use 'ugly' fruit that would normally be sent to landfill by supermarkets, and instead, they create delicious fruity snacks with them. These bags of fruit jerky are great to eat on the go or to pack in your lunchbox and I love this Apple & Mango flavour. Made from 100% fruit and nothing else, they're suitable for vegans and gluten-free. 

I also really enjoyed the Perkier Quinoa Bar which is packed full of nutritious natural ingredients such as Cashews, Chia and Pumpkin Seeds. It's sweet (thanks to a little Brown Rice Syrup) and has a satisfyingly chewy texture for a healthy snack that you can pop into your handbag.

Mallow & Marsh Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Marshmallows
 Mallow & Marsh Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Marshmallows (RRP £2.79)

I was so excited to see these, but when I had a quick scan of the ingredients, I was disappointed to see that they have beef gelatine in them so I couldn't eat them. If you're not a vegetarian, they are large Raspberry Marshmallows that are coated in Dark Chocolate. What a shame that they're not veggie friendly!

Iam By Nature Honey & Co Face Mask
Iam By Nature Honey & Co Face Mask (RRP £6.25) and Roz Skincare Mixing Set (RRP £11.75)

The last two products in the box are a real treat for green beauty skincare fans! Both of these are from Iam By Nature, and will help you channel your inner DIY beauty skills. In one pack is a Honey & Co Face Mask which come in pods to keep the natural and organic ingredients as fresh as possible until you're ready to use them. This face mask is made from just two ingredients; Honey and Lupin Flour, for a refreshing, soothing and gentle treatment that can be used twice a week. 

The second pack contains a nifty little Mixing Set which includes a bowl and a spoon that have been made from rice husks (the hard parts which are thrown away). I think this is incredible as it feels just like thick and sturdy plastic! The perfect eco-friendly companion to make the face mask (and all your other DIY beauty treatments) with.

LOWTOXBOX* is £18.75 per month, plus P&P. To find out more and to sign up, visit

What's your favourite eco-friendly subscription box?

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