Colourful Haircare: Infuse My Colour Copper & Ruby Wash review

Friday 6 July 2018

Infuse My Colour Copper & Ruby Wash review
A couple of months ago, I started to experiment with dyeing my hair with henna (see what I used and read about my experience here) and have since re-henna'd it a further two times. I love the results with henna, but find that like most hair dyes, it does quickly fade within a few weeks, so I've been looking for something to freshen up the colour in between dye jobs.

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the Infuse My Colour Washes when they launched on LoveLula recently, so I decided to pick two of them up and give them a go.

Created by two globally celebrated hairdressers, Rob Forgione & Denis Kovalyov, the Infuse My Colour range offers a variety of shades to refresh, revive and tone your coloured hair. These types of products are nothing new as many women use purple shampoos to banish the brassy tones that can build up on coloured blonde hair, but what I did find interesting is that the Infuse My Colour Washes are all free from sulphates, silicones and parabens, as well as being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, which naturally gets a massive thumbs up from me. With this in mind, I was excited to jump into the bathroom and put them to the test!

Infuse My Colour Copper Wash review
 Infuse My Colour Copper Wash* (250ml, £14.95, link)

First up, I tried the Copper Wash which helps to maintain the brightness of Strawberry Blonde, Copper, Auburn and Warm Brown Hair. As my henna'd hair colour has a rich brown, reddish tone to it, I was hoping that this would perhaps revive some of the warmth of colour that tends to fade after a few weeks, and I'm pleased to say that it did help to brighten it up.

I used it in place of my regular shampoo and found that the consistency was a little thinner than I was expecting, however, it created a light foam and was easy to spread over the hair and massage in. The instructions say to just wash and rinse, and then apply again if required, so I used it twice to see what the full effects would be like. After conditioning and drying, my hair looked noticeably shinier and definitely brighter with a greater depth of warmth coming through, especially when it caught the sunlight. It didn't change my hair colour (not that I expected it to as it's dark to begin with), but I loved the extra brightness and life that it brought back.

Infuse My Colour Ruby Wash review
Infuse My Colour Ruby Wash* (250ml, £14.95, link)

As my henna'd hair has a deep red tone to it, it made sense to opt for the Ruby Wash which has been specially formulated to boost Red, Red Brown and Burgundy hair colours. The formula felt identical to the one above when it came to shampooing with it, and I followed it up with my regular conditioner, then allowed my hair to air-dry. I was a little disappointed when I checked my reflection in the bathroom mirror as I couldn't see any immediate difference, but once I was outside in the sun, I could see that it had successfully revived the red tones and added a lovely glossy shine which made it look like I had just freshly henna'd my hair. 

Overall thoughts?
I was hoping that these Colour Washes would add a bit of warmth and brightness to my hair, and I'm pleased to say that both delivered a subtle, but noticeable result which is really impressive on dark hair. I'll definitely continue to use them alongside my trusty henna!

Do you use colour infusing shampoos?

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