Introducing: LJ Natural Skincare - Body & Soul Cleansing Blend, Organic Scratchy Balm + Papaya Wash-Off Lighter Cleanser review

Monday 6 August 2018

Body & Soul Cleansing Blend, Organic Scratchy Balm + Papaya Wash-Off Lighter Cleanser review
Handmade in Cheshire, LJ Natural is an eczema-friendly, organic beauty brand that has recently been shortlisted for a number of awards this year from Natural Health and the Free From Skincare Awards. I love featuring and promoting independent British brands as part of this ongoing Introducing series, and I especially enjoy helping to spread the word of women who have built up their own companies. 

LJ Natural fits perfectly into this series as it's the brainchild of LJ, a mum of two, who developed severe eczema and skin problems in her mid-20's. When she had her children later on, she soon realised that she needed a change of career, and retrained as an aromatherapist with an interest in creating organic and natural skincare products. After a lot of research and experimenting with different formulas, LJ Natural was created with an aim to produce effective products that not only made people feel better, but also smelt amazing and didn't harm the environment.

Fast forward to 2018, and LJ Natural has been popping up on many shortlists for popular natural skincare awards. With specialist products for eczema to luxury pampering treats (all of which are handmade in small batches), LJ Natural has something for everyone at affordable price points.

I was kindly asked to review a couple of products and chose the following three to test out.

Body & Soul Cleansing Blend, Organic Scratchy Balm + Papaya Wash-Off Lighter Cleanser review
LJ Natural Body and Soul Cleansing Blend* (150ml, £14.95, link)
If you have eczema prone skin, you might find that a lot of mainstream shower gels and body washes are a little too stripping or drying (a telltale sign is if you get a 'tight' feeling on your skin after your bath or shower), so I was very keen to try this Body and Soul Cleansing Blend which is free from SLS. This hydrating body wash is formulated with a blend of organic oils such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil, which leaves your skin feeling wonderfully silky soft and thoroughly moisturised. To complete the pampering experience, there's also essential oils of Lavender, May Chang, Elemi and Sweet Orange, to create an uplifting and relaxing natural fragrance. A little goes a long way and I find that one or two pumps is more than enough for each shower.

LJ Natural Organic Scratchy Balm* (30g, £7.50, link)
One of the brand's bestsellers and a firm favourite amongst its customer base, is this little pot of magic called the Organic Scratchy Balm. As the name suggests, this ultra-moisturising balm has been specially developed to help ease the irritating symptoms of eczema by gently and effectively healing dry and damaged skin. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the balm contains the likes of Organic unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Beeswax, and just a small amount rubbed into the affected area instantly soothes and moisturises dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. LJ can even make a bespoke vegan version of this balm for you with Jojoba wax instead of Beeswax - just ask via their website.

LJ Natural Papaya Wash-Off Lighter Cleanser* (50ml, £11.95, link)
Shortlisted in the Free From Skincare Awards this year, the Papaya Wash-Off Lighter Cleanser is bursting with natural plant-based oils to thoroughly cleanse and brighten the complexion. There's omega-rich Papaya Seed Oil to gently remove dull dead skin cells, Watermelon Seed Oil to nourish and rejuvenate tired skin, Grapeseed Oil to strengthen collagen and provide Vitamin E, and Lemon Essential Oil which is a natural astringent to help keep blemishes at bay. I really like this cleanser because it's light and works well for the sweaty Summer months. A 10p amount of product quickly emulsifies when water is added and transforms it into a gentle milky cleanser that removes all dirt and impurities within minutes. Ideal as a refreshing morning cleanser for oily/combination/sensitive skin, but also perfect to use in the evenings for all skin types, especially as a second cleanse.

To find out more about LJ Natural and to shop the full range, visit & follow them on Instagram here.

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  1. I've tried a few products from LJ Natural before and they are lovely. Their OMG Face Serum is sooo good, highly recommended. It's good to see their products are winning awards, it's a great brand!

    Petra /

    1. They are fab! Will definitely check out their face serum now! :)


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